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Globally Accredited

MO Dept of Education, POST, NASBA, NICCS, Veterans Admin

Industry Recognized

By Over 2000+ Organizations & Government Agencies

Money Back Guarantee

3 Day Money Back Guarantee, Love it or Leave it.

Live Instructor Support

We offer live online instructor support with all of our programs.

Career Advancement

Surveys consistently suggest that McAfee Institute (M.I.) Board certified professionals earn higher salaries (up to a 30% increase) and gain more opportunities for career advancement.

Establish Credibility

McAfee Institute Certification credentials increase your standing in the community by attesting to the integrity of your knowledge and skills and the reliability with which you can apply them.

Professional Opportunities

Certification proves to prospective employers that your expertise is confirmed by McAfee Institute, the leader in intelligence and investigative professional development.

Gain Industry Recognition

McAfee Institute certified professionals are recognized as global leaders within their respective industry's and sectors.

Employer Confidence

McAfee Institute Certifications help employers match skills to job requirements and provides confidence that employees have the right skills for the job.

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