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Review: Karley S - CCII

The CCII program is phenomenal from start to finish. The hands on practical application is tremendously helpful and the course is loaded with countless resources, guides, and reference sheets. The instructors and McAfee Institute staff are all professional, responsive and provide top notch customer service, always quick to answer questions with direct answers. I would recommend this course and McAfee Institute to anyone. Karley S - CCII

Review: Breton K, CCFI

I have four other certifications from various agencies and I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough this was. I really liked the pace of the course and how you would read a reasonable amount and then have a video recap, exercise or writing/discussion forum. It was varied and really kept my attention. Furthermore, you REALLY got into it and learned a lot of these items first hand. - Breton K, CCFI

Review: Anyck T, CECI

After completing 7 certifications with the McAfee Institute, I selected to complete the Crypto-Forensics (CCFI) program. It delivers very high-value and sought-after expertise. In fact, within 24 hours of securing my credentials, I received 3 interview requests for C/V-executive positions from established organizations. CCFI is probably the best course I have taken in a very long time. Well worth the investment. Anyck T

Review: Faiz A.

I enrolled for McAfee CrimeLab, and have passed 2 Trainings. Based on the information depth covered, topics, and the simplicity in making things understand at very in depth levels, I was surprised and amazed. Glad I enrolled and now I am taking full benefits of learning and upgrading myself. ~ Faiz A. 

Review: Robert W, CECI

I could not be happier with this course and what I was able to learn.. Not to mention the fact I was able to do it all while working 50 hr weeks. Thank you McAfee team for all your hard work. I will be back for more courses! Robert W, CECI

Review: Michael L, CECI

This is a great course, and the content was extremely relevant to current industry fraud issues. I learned an incredible amount, and immediately started implementing some of my learnings to current investigations, and routines. Michael L, CECI

Review: Stephen L. CECI

Well even with all of my experience and expertise it was great participating in this course to enhance my knowledge through a multitude of disciplines. More importantly I have a great understanding of conducting and working with this environment especially within a global perspective. Stephen L. CECI.

Review: Greg G. CCII

I Have been in Law Enforcement for 31 years. Am I familiar with some of the information; yes but there was a lot of great information that I was not aware of. I would highly recommend these courses! Greg G. CCII