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McAfee Institute Certified Trainer (MICT)

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Program Includes

Tuition Includes: Official MICT Training Program, Instructor Manuals, Student Manuals, Presentation Materials, Business Building Coaching

Total Hours: 100

# of Exercises: 12

# of CPE Credits Earned: 100

Delivery Method: Online Self-Study

Certificate Earned: Board Certification

Become a Globally Recognized Independent Instructor with M.I. today!

The McAfee Institute MICT program affords you a unique opportunity to partner with a globally recognized brand in the intelligence and investigative sectors to take your career/business to the next level.

The MICT program teaches you several of our most popular and sought after training programs and then we license you the content, materials, presentations, instructor guides, student guides, and more to deliver these programs to your employees, students, or customers in an in-person / seminar format.

We then take it a step further and provide you with training in building a business, marketing, and selling the programs.

This is an incredible and rare opportunity to truly take your business to the next level this year. 

Join our award-winning team today.

Teach 5 World Renowned Programs

We will license you to teach 5 of our world-class most popular and profitable programs and 20 topics to teach in person in a seminar format. Teach your employees or customers!

  1. Social Media Investigations
  2. Advanced Social Media Investigations
  3. Digital and Mobile Forensics
  4. eCommerce Fraud Investigations
  5. Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations

1 on 1 Coaching & Mentoring

Learn from the Best! Our experienced instructors will teach you how to deliver our programs to provide a world-class experience.

We Provide Everything You Need!

We provide everything you need to drive success. This includes course presentations, handouts, instructor guides, speaking scripts, sales, and marketing training, and a whole lot more.

Huge Return on Investment

Our average MICT instructor made over $170,000 last year on our programs alone. Build your business, start a new career, or enhance your team!

You keep all the Profits from Selling the Course

Keep all of the hard-earned money you make! The possibilities are endless and our programs are in high demand.

Provide Accredited Training

You provide your students with an official McAfee Institute certificate and continuing professional education credits to help them advance their careers while learning with you.

Program learnings you will be licensed to teach

Social Media Investigations
Intro to Basic Social Media
Facebook Search
Locating People on Facebook
Facebook Profile
Facebook Search Tool
Facebook Private Information
Twitter Search
Twitter Mobile App
YouTube Search
Ethical Considerations

eCrime Investigations - Introduction
Where is eCrime Most Prevalent
Fencing Vs. eFencing
eCommerce Challenges to Investigating Fraudsters
Prosecution Challenges
Prosecution Requirements
Science Meets eCrime
Ebay The World's Largest Auction Platform
Boosters Selling on Ebay
Ebay Fraudsters - Let's Find Them
Ebay Listing Overview
Advanced eBay Search Overview
eBay Search Results Overview
Auction Listing Details
Feedback Profile Overview
Ebay Feedback Review - First 30 Days
Auction Analysis for Fraud
Feedback Systems and How Fraudsters Use Them
Craigslist Overview
Craigslist Listings
Craigslist Investigations
Google Boolean Searches - Site Search

Mobile Phone Acquisition/Examination/Reporting
Intro to Mobile Forensics
Mobile Forensics Acquisition
Mobile Forensics Examination & Analysis
Procedures and Principles

An Overview of Advanced Social Media Investigations
Defining Open Source Intelligence
A World of Sock Puppets
Domain Names
Username Workflow
Search Engines
Hootsuite and SproutSocial

Introduction to Legal Fundamentals
Understanding Your Role as a Corporate Investigator
Understanding Your Employees Rights
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Understanding Law Enforcement Concerns
An Agent of the Law
Federal Laws to Prosecute CyberCrimes
Preparing Forensic and Computer Evidence
Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations Summary

To become a MICT you must have at least 5 years of intelligence and or investigative experience. Be an excellent speaker/presenter and love to teach people.

For every MICT program year, MICTs must acquire a valid McAfee Institute Certificate for each course they deliver. New MICTs must deliver at least one McAfee Institute course within their first year as a MICT. At various times during the program year, McAfee Institute conducts audits of the MICT community to ensure compliance with program requirements.

MICT's must purchase student licenses (minimum 25 per year) in which includes a certificate, CPE credits and thank you letter from the CEO. You can purchase these in your online store once registered and can be bought individually or in bulk. You are required to purchase a license for each student that attends one of your courses whether through your employer or business are required to have a student license to obtain the learnings.

At the end of each course, MICTs must administer course evaluations to every student and maintain high customer satisfaction scores.  McAfee Institute will send these out on your behalf via email once you provide the institute with your student list.

You keep all of the profits from course sales.

McAfee Institute is paid $35/student to issue their digital certificates, CPE credits, and transcripts. The MICT pays this cost directly to McAfee Institute after each course.

The board exam is conducted online via a webinar. You will teach one of the programs above to our team. We will evaluate you on speaker ability, presentation, knowledge of the material, and overall tonality and delivery. The Exam is scheduled to last 1 hour in length.


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