McAfee Institute Board Examination:

Your Complete Guide to Exam Success

Welcome to the official McAfee Institute Board Examination page. Whether you're preparing for the Certified in Open Source Intelligence (C|OSINT), Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations (CECI), or any of our other prestigious certifications, this guide will help you navigate the exam process and achieve your professional goals.
Examination Instructions

It is easy and simple to get started and to sit for a McAfee Institute Board Exam.


Step 1 - Choose Your Certification Examination

Explore our certification examinations on this page below and choose the certification examination you would like to sit for.


Step 2 - Apply for Certification Examination

Submit your certification application and payment via this below link to apply for approval to sit for the certification examination. Exam Fees: $450 USD Retake Fees: $450 USD

Apply for Certification

Step 3 - Gain Approval to Sit for the Certification Exam

Once your application is recieved it will be reviewed to ensure you meet eligblity. Once it is reviewed we will notify you via email on the approval and/or denial.


Step 4 - Study for the Board Examination

Get started preparing for the M.I. Exam today. Whether you prefer to attend a live event, online training or study on your own, the McAfee Institute has the resources you need to prepare for the Exam. These are optional and not required to sit for the certification examination.


Step 5 - Schedule Proctor Session & Certification Exam

Once your application is approved you will be granted access to the examination and proctor session. We will send you instructions on how to proceed with registering for your proctored examination.


Step 6 - Sit for the Certification Examination

At your scheduled proctor session, you will login to the proctor and proceed to sit for the online certification examination.


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