Our Instructors

At the McAfee Institute, we are thankful to have such a passionate group of instructors that are globally recognized as the best in the industry. Not only do they meet the McAfee Institute's most stringent standards for excellence, that are real-world leaders in this industry. What you learn from the McAfee Institute, is the most renowned real-world, applicable training that is relevant to your job.

For more information on becoming a McAfee Institute Instructor, visit www.mcafeeinstitute.com/teach

Senior Instructors

Joshua McAfee

Paul McAfee

Justice Simone



Certified Instructors

Robert Myers

Jeremy Tippet

Poul Nielsen

Vitali Selivanov

Ray Leggett

Kevin McClain

Deborah Frazer

James Floyd

Michael Fisher

George Scerbovic

Camara Hall

Benjamin Burnette

Peter Fryer

Rosemary Cantrell

Mary Mayonado

Lisa Leasure

Terrell Elliott

Ronald Garzon

Anna Marie Anderson

Brent Jones

Adele Gardner