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How to Conduct Investigations on the Deep Web

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  • Delivery Method: Online Self-Study
  • Duration: 1 Hours
  • Credits Awarded: 1 CPE
  • Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion

The Struggle.... I bet if you are looking at this you have an interest in locating and investigating online criminals.

But you might not be at the peak of your game? Or maybe you're at the peak of your game, but do not know where to take your skill set next?

The Solution..... We have been there and through our partnerships with various law enforcement agencies around the world, we have compiled this phenomenal online course, which takes you on an exploration of the hidden deep web where criminals are hiding online and carrying out these types of crimes.

The Experience

You will learn firsthand over 20 of the most significant deep hidden websites through TOR where the criminal element is transacting online and selling drugs, weapons, children, sex, stolen goods, counterfeit merchandise, stolen credit cards, customer information, and you can even hire an assassin to take someone out. These are just to name a few of the sites we will explore. We will take your investigative expertise to a whole new level, guaranteed!


  • DarkWeb
  • The Deep Web!
  • Introducing the TOR Project
  • Getting Started with TOR (Step by Step)
  • The Deep Web (Overview)
  • Exploration 1
  • VPN Services
  • Steps to buy and set up a VPN service to remain anonymous
  • Hidden Wiki
  • Black Market
  • Deep Web Drug Markets
  • Hitman and Escrow Dark Web Links
  • Directories and Lists
  • Tor Wiki (Resource)
  • The Secrets Behind the TOR Browser
  • What the @#$% is a Bitcoin anyway?
  • Final Exam: Deep Web

Accredited & Industry Recognized