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The Ultimate Guide to Open Source Intelligence

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#1 Downloaded eBook by law enforcement, intelligence and investigative professionals around the world, this guide unlocks invaluable advice from cyber experts around the world and best-selling author and CEO of the McAfee Institute Joshua P. McAfee.

Take your game to a whole new level! 
Cyber Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) are hot topics right now and becoming more and more popular every day due to the vast amount of information available on the internet. Intelligence is the analysis of information we identify online. However, many people believe that gathering intelligence online is as simple as typing a simple search term into Google and “bam,” the information they need appears; it’s accurate, precise, and detailed. This can’t be furthest from the truth. It takes an arsenal of resources & tools at your disposal to locate the information needed for your investigations; coupled with the ability to effectively analyze and disseminate the information appropriately. These are a few of the reasons why the knowledge, experience, and opinions of Cyber Intelligence expert Joshua McAfee are so valuable. From social networks, search engines, news and media sites, video, images and audio, search tools, eCommerce platforms and more. Josh not only addresses these sources of intelligence but explains how you might want to use them. Joshua McAfee has done more than write a book. He’s created a key resource for both those who need a bit of education in the area of Cyber Intelligence and for experienced intelligence professionals who need to verify what a specific intelligence tool offers. I don’t doubt that in a very short period of time your copy will have a ton of notes, highlights, Post-Its and worn out.

2019 Special Edition

Get your copy of this special edition 2019 guide to learn some of our MOST Advanced SECRETS into Cyber Intelligence, OSINT & SOCMINT.

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160 pages of Cyber Intelligence, OSINT & SOCMINT resources from the industry's most recognized trainers in the intelligence and investigative sectors to aide your investigative efforts.

Real-World Experience

As the world's largest professional training organization in the intelligence and investigative sectors, our learnings provide real-world applicable skill sets from those that actually do this stuff.