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This is the second installment to our most popular ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Intelligence gathering Downloaded by more than 67,000 fraud, law enforcement and loss prevention professionals around the world, this ebook unlocks invaluable tutorials, methodologies and advice from cyber expert and best-selling author and CEO of the McAfee Institute Joshua P. McAfee and his team of industry experts.

New opportunities in open source intelligence gathering emerge from every corner. Order this phenomenal ebook today and learn 20 'how-to' lessons covering a range of topics, including:
  • Basics of Cyber Investigations
  • Which General Search Engines work best
  • What to look for in Specialized Directories
  • What Social Media Sites will provide the best information
  • A list of Classified & eCommerce Sites and what to look for on these sites
  • Capturing Images, Hosting Platforms, and Video and Music Sites
  • A comprehensive list of Websites from around the world to help with open source intelligence gathering!
  • and more!

Our students come from some of the MOST AMAZING organizations and agencies around the world and you can be apart of it!