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Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert (Q|SMIE)

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Program Includes

Tuition Includes: Official Training Program, Official Digital Study Manual, Official Prep Review Quizzes, Digital Certificate of Completion

Total Hours: 60

# of Exercises: 6

# of CPE Credits Earned: 60

Delivery Method: Online Self-Study

Certificate Earned: Digital Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access to the Program

Live Instructor Support

Globally Recognized

McAfee Institute's "Social Media Intelligence Expert" Training Makes It Easy (and Affordable) to gain the knowledge necessary to be Recognized as One of the Most Elite Cyber Investigators around the World!

Discover Cutting-Edge Techniques and Real-World Training for Cyber and Social Media Investigations and Position Yourself as an Industry Recognized Expert with This Social Media Expert Course.

  • Learn how to navigate social media appropriately to catch criminals red-handed...
  • Gain the credibility, knowledge, and expertise you need to propel yourself ahead of the competition and become well-known as a thought leader in the investigative industry...
  • Enjoy 24/7 online access to the latest tutorials and live instructor support in a self-paced course you can take from the comfort of your own home...
  • Earn your qualification in just a few short weeks... instead of months!


With over 65% of all U.S. adults actively using social media accounts, it's no surprise that law enforcement is leveraging popular social media platforms to collect valuable intelligence, conduct efficient investigations, and eliminate local as well as national security threats.

Some individuals have gone down in history for confessing to their crimes on their social media profiles... while others have given away incriminating clues via Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images, and more.

As the world continues to become more digitized and the Internet grows as a hub of activity, both legal and illegal, it's more important now than ever to be able to effectively utilize cyber intelligence and investigations to properly address our nation's threats and vulnerabilities.

But for many loss prevention professionals, law enforcement officers, private investigators, and other investigative professionals, social media isn't the goldmine of intelligence they had hoped it would be.

For Investigation Professionals like You, the Demand for Cyber and Social Media Investigation Expertise Has Never Been Higher...

... But the lack of proper training, skills, and knowledge can keep you stuck in a stagnant position permanently.

Without the right training in social media platforms, mobile applications, chat tools, networking sites, and more, conducting quick and effective online investigations is nearly impossible!

If you currently feel...

  • Exhausted by time-consuming investigations... and you don't think there could possibly be enough hours in the day to perform thorough social media research on criminals...
  • Tired of working harder and longer to conduct traditional investigations... instead of learning how to leverage the internet and social media to conduct fast and effective investigations online...
  • Overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused with social media sites... and you have no idea how to navigate social media platforms to glean the valuable intelligence and insights you need...
  • Frustrated with your lack of success in your investigative career... and are ready to establish credibility as an expert authority and finally take your career to the next level...


What if you could access engaging video tutorials at your own pace, ONLINE, 24/7 that showed you exactly how to conduct online investigations more quickly and easily than you ever dreamed possible? How about learning real-world applications and techniques through hands-on analytic cyber intelligence and investigative exercises?

And what if you could tap into the unmatched knowledge and expertise of some of the world's foremost experts and practitioners to understand how to maximize the intelligence that stands to be gained from social media sites, chat forums, and other open-source intelligence communities?

  • You'd feel confident and self-assured as an investigator, knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to quickly conduct online effective investigations that keep your community and nation safe.
  • You'd feel optimistic, knowing that social media has opened up a new world of intelligence... and you know exactly how to use it to drive investigative strategies and ensure you're targeting the most dangerous threats.
  • You'd feel relieved, knowing that you don't have to waste hours, upon hours, or spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure how to effectively navigate social media and utilize it as an investigative professional.
  • You'd enjoy more time and less stress, speeding up the investigative process by effortlessly navigating social networks.
  • You'd feel proud, knowing you're the go-to expert in your niche that your peers, employer, and others turn to when it comes to conducting online investigations that get results.



With this training, you'll not only have the skills, knowledge, and expertise you need to track down criminals and glean intelligence from social media and other open-source intelligence sources... but you'll also become known as an industry expert in conducting quick and effective online investigations.

In just a moment, you're going to discover the all-new online training courses that are going to allow you to stand out from the competition and climb the career ladder faster than ever by establishing yourself as a leading expert whom your employer and peers all turn to for answers.

But first, it's imperative to shoot down one huge myth that is keeping investigative professionals like you from reaching their full potential...

But Isn't Getting a Nationally Recognized Qualified Credential Time Consuming and Expensive?

There's a huge myth among investigative professionals that goes something like this...

"No matter how you do it, getting nationally recognized credentials as an investigative professional takes a long time and is horribly expensive!"

But we're here to tell you that this entirely UNTRUE.

Here's why:

As the #1 ranked education company in the world on the Inc 500/5000, McAfee Institute is dedicated to helping as many people as possible access the knowledge and expertise they need to position themselves as thought leaders in their market.

With the help of our national award-winning Founder and CEO, Josh McAfee, who is one of the most recognized and most in-demand authorities in the industry, we've created one of the most exciting and in-demand programs to ever hit the intelligence/investigative industry!

We combined the insight and expertise of hundreds of the industry's top leaders, from federal, local, and state law enforcement, intelligence, loss prevention, investigations, fraud, and more to bring you the most up-to-date and effective training possible in cyber and social media investigations.

The best part?

Becoming a Highly Respected Social Media Intelligence Expert Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle!

Unlike other programs, this training is delivered 100% online in the form of self-paced video tutorial modules that you can complete when and where you want.

You'll be able to complete the entire training (and receive your trusted and nationally recognized credentials) in only a few short weeks!

And this fast and affordable training program is exactly what you're getting the opportunity to experience today!

Become the Leading Investigative Expert in Your Industry with…The Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert (Q|SMIE) Program By McAfee Institute!

As one of the most respected and influential leaders and resources for professionals in the loss prevention, law enforcement, and intelligence industries, we are proud to present this world-renowned training program!

Q|SMIE is a nationally accredited and recognized training course that takes place 100% online. Inside, you'll gain complete access to our talented staff of world-class industry experts who will transfer the knowledge and expertise that you need to succeed as a law enforcement officer, loss prevention professional, private investigator, or other investigation professional.

This unique program is unmatched in the industry and delivers the most concise and up-to-date social media intelligence and investigations training that will provide you with the real-world knowledge and expertise you need to effectively conduct online investigations.

Here's What's Waiting for You on the inside of This Exhilarating Online Program:

  • 100% online self-paced learning that gives you 24/7 access to the program and allows you the freedom to complete it at your own convenience
  • An intensive, yet succinct self-study program that makes it easy to become a Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert – even with your busy schedule
  • Video-based tutorials that appeal to visual learners and make learning more of an engaging process so that you retain more information
  • Real-life scenarios and real-world training that will challenge you and give you the hands-on experience you need to be successful
  • LIVE investigative exercises that allow you to apply your learning and test your new skills on-the-spot
  • LIVE instructor support available via Chat 9:00 am - 9:00 pm CST so you can get answers to your questions and quick assistance with your course
  • And much, much more...

With This Convenient and Affordable Training Program, You'll Be Able To:

  • Learn ALL of the most popular social media sites, mobile applications, chat tools, networking sites, OSINT, and more... so you can be fully prepared for any online investigation you face in this new year.
  • Propel yourself to advanced career goals and leverage your credentials as a Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert to gain more exposure and authority in your skill-set.
  • Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to position yourself as an industry-leading thought leader in your niche market.
  • Access the key information and proven insights from hundreds of the world's top intelligence experts and law enforcement practitioners in order to sharpen your own skills.
  • Position yourself as an influential expert who is able to deliver extraordinary results in the investigative and cyber intelligence industries.
  • Have your peers and employer knocking on your door, begging for YOUR insights, expertise, and leadership abilities that are truly unrivaled in your industry... instead of sitting around stagnant and hoping to get a promotion one day.
  • Experience more success in the intelligence and investigative industries as a qualified d expert others look up to and appreciate.
  • Drive investigative strategies with valuable intelligence gained from social media channels that will ensure you are targeting the most pressing threats to our nation.
  • Discover our closely guarded intelligence and investigative techniques that will allow you to maximize the powerful information gleaned from the web and social media in your investigations.
  • Finally set yourself apart from the sea of competition and stand out in the industry as a highly respected and acclaimed expert and thought leader.
  • And much, much, MUCH more... all in just a few short weeks!



Our CFO already told us we're crazy for giving away over $12,000 in additional training and resources that will take your investigative profession to the next level for this incredibly small investment compared to other degree programs.

But even that generous deal isn't enough for our company that strives to turn you into an influential leader who delivers amazing results to your industry. So take the next 3 days and explore the program and if you don't like it we will gladly give you your money back.

At McAfee Institute, we don't just want our students to have to settle for "satisfactory" results or instruction. Let's save mediocrity for the criminals who give themselves away on Facebook. What we're doing here is giving you the training, knowledge, and real-world experience to turn yourself into a confident and credible online investigator who skillfully gleans powerful intelligence from the social web at will.

We're helping you achieve the credibility and expert authority that will skyrocket your career and propel you miles ahead of the competition.

"Just satisfied" won't do it.

We want you to be absolutely thrilled.

That's why we're making this incredible offer even sweeter...

In the very unlikely event that you aren't completely thrilled with the training you receive in the new Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert program... just let us know and we'll give you back every penny you invested in this game-changing training program!

No hassle. No questions. It really is that simple.

So what are you waiting for?

The Time to Invest in Your Future Success Is NOW...

Enroll Risk-Free Today... and Become the Leading Investigative Expert You've Always Dreamed of Being!

• Welcome to the CSMIE/Q|SMIE Program
• Preparing for Cyber Investigations
• Social Media Intelligence
• Open Source Intelligence
• Social Media Intelligence & Investigations
• Mobile Apps Intelligence & Investigations
• Mobile Device Forensics
• Advanced Mobile Forensics – Autopsy Demo
• Digital Evidence
• Social Network Searching & Monitoring
• Google Advanced Search Techniques
• Deep Web & Darknet Investigations
• Cryptocurrency Explored
• Terrorism Investigations Using Social Media
• Legal Fundamentals
• Guidelines & Sample Forms


Want to learn more about the CSMIE and Q|SMIE programs? Within these programs, you are going to discover cutting-edge techniques and real-world training in advanced social media intelligence and position yourself as an industry-recognized expert after the completion of this incredible training program. Download the complete syllabus here.



Exam Details Program (Should you want to obtain an exam license to sit for the exam) - is graded on a pass/fail system by obtaining a 70% or better is considered a passing grade. The exam is taken online at the convenience of your home or office. It is a closed book exam and is 200 questions. The questions are in a true/false, multiple-choice & scenario-based format. It is a timed exam, you get 3 hours to complete the exam and you must do so in one sitting. Once you start the exam you must complete it. You get one attempt to pass the exam. If you fail the exam you must purchase a new exam license to sit for the exam.

You can purchase an exam license here  for $450 USD separately to sit for the exam if you don't buy the open-source intelligence training bundle.


The cost is $125 for an additional two years and requires proof of completion of 30 CPE credits. 


Eligibility is not required for Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert (Q|SMIE) individual training.

Eligibility is required if you chose to sit for the Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE) board exam.

Bachelor’s degree or higher plus four years of experience in e-commerce, fraud, investigations, IT, law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, law, and loss prevention 

Associates degree plus six years of experience

High school diploma or equivalency plus seven years of experience. 

Also, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud, or the like shall be ineligible to become a CSMIE®. The applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check and examination process. Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE).

What if I don’t want to attend the training program. Can I just sit for the exam?

You do not need to attend our training programs to sit for the board exam.

If you are interested in sitting for the exam only to become a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE), you may obtain an exam license to do so. Exam licenses are valid for one year after purchase. Click the image below to purchase. 


Qualified Social Media Intelligence Expert (Q|SMIE)


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To be eligible for a refund under our money back guarantee you MUST NOT have viewed more than 5% of your program and not have downloaded any of the course content.

If you are on military orders/deployed please provide your deployment orders to as supporting documentation.

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You can request a refund to the CrimeLab Product under the following conditions:

  1. You have not exceeded 5% of that single initial program of your choosing and its within the first 3 days of enrollment.
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