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Industry Recognized


In this exciting course, we are going to discuss the dangers cyber threats face to our organizations and agencies around the world. Then we will watch how top hackers show us how it's done.

Please note:To be eligible for CPE credit, you must complete the course and final exam within one year of enrollment. Please be advised that you may only claim CPE credit for a course once the certificate of completion is issued. The certificate of completion is valid for 2 years.


Global Cyber Threats, Attacks, Vehicles, and Mechanisms

  • Principles of Hacking
  • The Dangers of Cyber Threats


  • APA Sample
  • Sample Experiment
  • Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks
  • Cyber Trends
  • Sophos Security Threat Report
  • Cisco

Our students come from some of the MOST AMAZING organizations and agencies around the world and you can be apart of it!