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Industry Recognized


Investigative interviewing methodologies like you have never experienced before

This is an exciting 1-hour online course, where you will learn how to conduct successful investigative interviews with effective new concepts to acquire confessions from the guilty. Students will continue to build upon their interviewing techniques that have previously been learned. In this course, we will teach you how to best prepare for investigative style interviews from the very beginning.

This course is very investigative in nature, teaching you how to gather valuable information that is pertinent to the investigation and subjects background. What type of information and intelligence is necessary, how to find it, and more. We explain how to prepare for the interview and understand what types of violations have occurred.

Course Benefits:

  • Access: 24/7/365 Online Unlimited Access
  • Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion
  • Availability: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • CPE Credits: Included
  • Nationally Recognized Credential: NASBA, NICE, & More
  • Live Mentors: Available 9-9PM CST via Chat


Investigation & Interview Preparation

  • Investigation Information & Case Development
  • Investigation Steps & Procedures
  • Professionals Demeanor
  • Preparation for the Interview Process
  • Information & Fact Gathering
  • Understanding what violation has occurred or possibly occurred

    Our students come from some of the MOST AMAZING organizations and agencies around the world and you can be apart of it!