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Certified in Open Source Intelligence (C|OSINT)

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Certification in Open Source Intelligence

The Certified in Open Source Intelligence Certification Online is the first and only globally recognized and accredited board OSINT certification. You will learn real-world applicable skills that are utilized by law enforcement, military intelligence, private investigators, loss prevention, cyber defenders, and attackers all use to help aid in their investigations.

 The C|OSINT is the leading industry certification for cyber investigators in law enforcement, intelligence, loss prevention, private investigation, and fraud. The skills that you will learn by studying for the C|OSINT will help you conduct cyber investigations and critical intelligence-gathering missions quicker than ever before, with more accuracy. You will learn how to identify your person of interest, conduct timely cyber investigations, and prosecute cyber criminals regardless of their location.

You will learn topics such as Open Source Intelligence, Social Media Intelligence, Cyber Investigations, Intelligence Collection, Intelligence Analysis, Legal Fundamentals, and more!

 Even better yet, this certification program and all the resources are completely online and self-study! No matter when you want it, where you want it, or where you are located around the world, it will be available 24/7/365.


Certification Curriculum

This OSINT certification program is made up of 13 core competencies that were derived from our governing board. We teach you these core competencies, the thought processes, and how to apply them in the real world and then test you to those skill sets.

Welcome to C|OSINT

Welcome Message
Program Schedule
C|OSINT Official Study Manual
Professional Code of Conduct
Learning Experience & Expectations
Honesty Policy
Quiz: Introduction & Policies

The Foundation of OSINT  

The Foundation of OSINT (Reading Assignment)
The Foundation of OSINT
Defining an OSINT Standard
OSIF Sub-types
Defining and Using Intelligence
Prep Review Quiz: Foundations of OSINT

The Intelligence Cycle  

The Intelligence Cycle (Reading Assignment)
The Intelligence Cycle
Collection & Data Gathering
Processing & Exploitation
Analysis and Production
Evaluation & Feedback
Prep Review Quiz: The Intelligence Cycle

Intelligence Collection Disciplines 

Intelligence Collection Disciplines (Reading Assignment)
Intelligence Collection Disciplines
Prep Review Quiz: Intelligence Collection Disciplines

Privacy and Data Protection 

Data Protection and Privacy Law (Reading Assignment)
Data Protection and Privacy Law
Prep Review Quiz: Data Protection

Setting Up a Lab & Virtual Machine 

Setting Up a Lab & Virtual Machine (Reading Assignment)
Prep Review Quiz: Setting up a Lab & Virtual Machine

Critical Thinking 

Reading Assignment (Critical Thinking)
Discussion: Critical Thinking

Mobile Apps OSINT 

Tinder Intelligence  
Snapchat Intelligence  
KIK Intelligence  
Tango Intelligence
Viber Intelligence  
Yik Yak Intelligence  
LINE Intelligence  

OSINT and SOCMINT Recon and Intelligence

Recon Tools and Frameworks  
Remote Location Recon  
Resume Finders and Researching Employees  
Operational Security and Privacy  
Practical Exercises  
Prep Review Quiz  

Open Source Intelligence Research 

OSINT Research Introduction
Search Engine Research  
Reverse Image Research  
Archive Search Engine Research
Email Address Research  
Username Research  
People Search Engines Research
Telephone Number Research  
Online Map Research  
IP Address Research  
Govt & Business Record Research  
Video Research  
In Closing  


Introduction to SOCMINT  
SOCMINT (Reading Assignment)
Online Deception in Social Media (Reading Assignment)  
Facebook Intelligence  
Twitter Intelligence  
Twitter Advanced Searching (Examples)  
LinkedIn Intelligence  
Instagram Intelligence  
Instagram Advanced Search (Examples)  
Pinterest Intelligence  
Tumblr Intelligence  
Flickr Intelligence  
Prep Review Quiz  

OSINT Browser Configuration 

Protecting Your Computer
Virtual Private Networks
Password Managers
Browser Set-Up
Firefox Addon: Firefox Containers
Firefox Addon: UBlock Origin
Firefox Addon: Downloadthemall
Firefox Addon: VideoDownloadHelper
Firefox Addon: Full Web Page Screenshots
Firefox Addon: Nimbus
Firefox Addon: HTTPS Everywhere & Smart HTTPS
Firefox Addon: User-Agent

OSINT Browser Configuration Part 2

Firefox Addon: Exif Viewer
Firefox Addon: Copy Selected Links
Firefox Addon: Link Gopher
Firefox Addon: Right Click Copy
Firefox Addon: Perceptual Image Analysis
Firefox Addon: Singe File
Firefox Addon: Privacy Badger
Additional Web Browsers
Prep Review Quiz

Advanced OSINT Research 

Fake Persona Research  
Online Community Research: Reddit  
Data Breach Research  
Live Traffic & City Cams Research  
OSINT Assignment #1
OSINT Assignment #2  

Final Board Exam 

Preparing for the Exam  
Exam Application  
Prep Review Quiz: Final Exam Preparation  
Final Exam C|OSINT  
Practical Exercises  

What's Included?

So what's included when you enroll in this OSINT certification training package today?
Official Open Source Intelligence Training Online Program
(Value $2997)

We offer 100% online-self study programs that you can take from any device and any place around the world as long as you have a good internet connection. You can pick back up right where you left off at any time. And you get lifetime access and updates to the content.
Official Open Source Certification Prep Review Quizzes
(Value $499)

The prep review quizzes help you to prepare for the board exam and test your knowledge as you progress through the program. You can take these quizzes as many times as you would like over the duration of the course.
Official Open Source Intelligence Certification Digital Study Guide
(Value $299)

The digital study guide is the foundation in which the board exam questions are derived from. The digital study manual is all digital so you know what that means right? You get access right away. That also means we can push updates instantly when things change in the industry. It also means you never pay for updates link you do if you buy a physical book.
Official Open Source Intelligence Online Exam License - 1 Year Access
(Value $450)

The board certification examination is taken online from the comfort of your home or office when you want to take it. You have one year from the date of purchase to sit for the exam.
Live Instructor Support During Your Program
(Value $997)

We offer the best of both worlds. You can study online as you see fit. But when you need help or have a question, we have live instructors to help and the click of a button. 
Online Proctoring with ProctorU
(Value $197)

The McAfee Institute utilizes ProctorU is a live online proctoring service available 24/7 that allows students to take all McAfee Institute certification exams from anywhere using a webcam and Internet connection. This service uses live proctors who monitor exams by observing the student (via webcam) and their computer screen in real-time. The biggest benefit is that it allows students to take secure exams at their convenience while maintaining the integrity of the examination process. You need to have a clean desk and unobstructed office space to take the exam. View the details here.
Digital Graduation Package
(Value $497)

Upon graduation, you get a certified digital board certification and credential. You can send this to anyone in the world electronically, and it's verifiable. You get a digital transcript and CPE award letter as well. For an additional fee, you can purchase a physical board certification to showcase your achievement on the wall as well.

What can this certification do for your career?

Enhance Your Professional Skills

You get to learn from the best of the best within the intelligence and investigative sectors.

Recognition & Credibility

The credential and designation is a game changer for your career. We provide third party validation of your skill sets which are highly recognized within the industry.

New Career Opportunities

Open the door to new career opportunities and promotions.

Increased Compensation

Our certified professionals make over 30% more money than their counterparts without our credentials based on our latest salary survey.

Enhance Your Professional Skills

You get to learn from the best of the best within the intelligence and investigative sectors.

Recognition & Credibility

The credential and designation is a game changer for your career. We provide third party validation of your skill sets which are highly recognized within the industry.

New Career Opportunities

Open the door to new career opportunities and promotions.

Increased Compensation

Our certified professionals make over 30% more money than their counterparts without our credentials based on our latest salary survey.

Upon Successful Completion of the Open Source 
Certification Exam

When you successfully pass the board certification of open source intelligence research and analysis course exam with the McAfee Institute, you earn a digital certification, CPE award letter, transcripts, and a digital badge to showcase your accomplishment

Digital Board Certification

You will earn the C|OSINT 
 digital board certification 
and credential, which 
is a secure and 
verifiable online 

Digital Credential Badge

You will earn a
 C|OSINT digital 
badge to place 
on your resume or 
LinkedIn profile.

McAfee Institute Certification

Digital Transcripts

You will receive a 

digital copy of your 
 transcripts and 
 CPE award letter

Online Validation Tool

You will gain access

to our online validation 
tool to share with 
employers to validate 
your credentials.

Exam Information

Exam Details

The C|OSINT board exam is a proctored exam and is graded on a pass/fail system by obtaining a 70% or better is considered a passing grade. The open-source certification exam is taken online at the convenience of your home or office. It is a closed book exam and is 200 questions. The questions are in a true/false, multiple choice & scenario based format. It is a timed exam, you get 3 hours to complete the exam and you must do so in one sitting. Once you start the exam you must complete it. You get one attempt to pass the exam. If you fail the exam you must purchase a new exam license to sit for the exam. 

View the exam brochure here

 Proctor Details

The proctoring is done by ProctorU and is online from the comfort of your home or office and is included in your tuition.

Renewal Details

 You have to renew the board certification every two years, once you are certified. The cost is $125 for an additional two years. CPE requirements are listed here.

Exam Retakes

If you fail the exam you would need to purchase a new exam license. The cost of the exam license is $450 USD.


Eli Wilkerson CECI, CPCI

Former and currently enrolled student Eli Wilkerson gives his testimonial review on McAfee Institute.

He explains how McAfee exceeded his expectations that other board certification providers could not meet. Eli currently holds two certifications from the McAfee Institute the CECI and CPCI.

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Why Choose the McAfee Institute

What makes us different than the rest of the certification providers.

Live Instructor Support

You can access live instructor help whenever you need it while taking any of our programs. Both while in the program and after completion. 

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to our programs and the content for as long as the program exhist.

You dont pay for updates

You never pay for updated versions of our content. Once we make updates to the content it's pushed to you automatically for FREE.

Realworld Applicable Training

Our programs are taught by real-world practitioners in the intelligence and investigative sectors. What we teach can be immediately applied at work on the same day.


Jeremy Jones CDCI, CSMIE, CECI

Former and currently enrolled student Jeremy Jones gives his testimonial review on McAfee Institute.

He explains how McAfee changed his life after completing his certifications, and is very proud of how far he has came. Nicholas currently holds two certifications from the McAfee Institute the C|OSINT AND SMIA.

Meet Your Instructors

Joshua McAfee

Joshua McAfee

Intelligence and Investigations Instructor

CEO & Founder
of McAfee Institute
Jared Seegmiller

Jared Seegmiller

Senior Intelligence Instructor

VP of Certification at McAfee Institute
Senior Intelligence Analyst - Former Director of Wing Intelligence/Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO)
Karla Mastracchio

Karla Mastracchio

Senior Intelligence Instructor

Senior Faculty and Director of Strategic Communication at USSOCOM
Derek Kingsbury

Derek Kingsbury

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Instructor

Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge at United States Army Criminal Investigation Command

Real stories from real customers

Silvere M.

The course is very well structured and written. We see that teacher got a very interesting professionnal experience. He explain in simple term the intelligence process and the analysis technics to create clear report. Also discussions on specific part of the course and dissertation are mandatory before taking the exam part. Highly recommended for law enforcement professionnals as well as cyber Intel professional , COSINT course will provide you all what you need to learn in OSINT domain (not only technical point of views).

Ali Q

It has been great experience of understanding a lot about Osint and social media usefulness, it can enhanced my capacity of understanding how easy one can assess profile of target, how photo can easily assist law enforcement officers to check, many tactics of mapping snaps, and many more generally it has been good knowledge which I believe it will contribute to my future aspect about OSINT, Thanks for your support and simple course units McAfee prepared for its students.

Damian C.

I’m quite impressed with the content material. It’s straightforward no nonsense learning. It’s relevant and beneficial as an educational tool for LE professionals seeking to upskill without the complexities of admission to tertiary institutions. The undertaking is not something to be sneezed at given the time involved to cover the content. I’d like to see course offerings on forensics and scene of crime analysis! Perhaps that’s in the works!


Frequently questions asked
 When does the program start?  

Upon Enrollment you can start immediately! You have one year from purchase to complete the final exam. Enjoy unlimited access to the program material and future updates to the course!

I know that if I commit fully and apply what I learn, I’ll get tremendous value. That said, how much time do I need to set aside each week?

If you plan to work through the program to be more effective at work in the quickest and most effective manner, we recommend between 4-6 hours per week to watch the training, complete your assignments and — if you’d like — engage with our mentors and the community. Many of our students go through the program as best they can; pause and return to it as their schedule allows. If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You get lifetime access to the training and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. Most of our students have full-time jobs or businesses and families. This experience is designed to stretch you, but it can also be customized to your life. The more focus and dedication you put into the program, the more you’ll get out of it. To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Advancing your career, credibility, and expertise so that it actually matters is not an 6-week, linear event. This program mirrors the reality of being one of the best cyber intelligence & investigative professionals around the world — it’s intense, time-consuming, demanding and something you’ll work on for the life of your business.

Do I need to attend the C|OSINT at certain times or can I access it any time I want?  

You can access the material at your convenience. The core training consists of pre-recorded videos, tutorials, investigative assignments, resources, and worksheets so you can access the materials anytime you want. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility Requirements Bachelor’s degree or higher (no experience is needed) 

OR Associates degree plus 2 YEARS of professional work experience in e-commerce, fraud, investigations, IT, law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, law, and loss prevention 

OR High school diploma or equivalency plus 3 YEARS of professional work experience as stated above. 

 Also, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud or the like shall be ineligible to become a C|OSINT. The applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check and examination process. Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining Certified in Open Source Intelligence.

Military Benefits

To view the various military education benefit programs McAfee Institute is approved for please follow this link.

Credentialing Assistance (CA)

The McAfee Institute has partnered with Credentialing Assistance (CA) to provide funding for training and exams leading to an industry-recognized academic or vocational credential. > See more here 

 VR&E Program 
 The McAfee Institute has partnered with Veteran's Readiness and Employment - VR&E (formerly Voc Rehab) and benefit program counselors around the world to offer you the ability to participate in any of McAfee Institutes board certifications (online or in-person). > See more here 

Veterans Benefits & G.I. Bill® 
 This online program is NOT eligible for veterans education benefits/G.I. Bill®. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at > See more here
Exam Retake Fee

If you fail the exam the cost is $450 for a new exam license.

Are your programs accredited and recognized?

Our programs are accredited by the Missouri Dept. of Education and through NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) an SHRM to issue Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. We are also recognized by the NICCS (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies) and partners with Homeland Security on this endeavor. Our programs are recognized throughout thousands of law enforcement, 500 & 1000 organizations around the world. We have gain industry recognition over the last 5 years as being one of the Fastest Growing Companies on the INC 500. We are #1 in Education & #35 Fastest Growing Companies out of 500 of the top companies around the world. We have also been voted #1 in Illinois as The Best of the Best Places to Work.

Scholarship Programs
We do have partial scholarship offers from time to time based on our sponsors. If they are available the price would be reflected above. You cannot combine discount codes or other promotional offers on scholarship offers. Discount codes are valid on full price items only and cannot be combined. Scholarships are applied directly to the price of the enrollment tuition. No other codes are needed. Scholarships are available to students in financial need. They are not for employer purchases. Scholarships are based on sponsors and thier needs as they are sponsoring a students enrollment. Scholarships are limited and not always available. Using a discount code or promotional code will result in termination of your account and course access and you herby agree to follow these terms as outlined. You can explore more details here:
Is everything online or do I need to travel?

Your entire program is conducted online from the comfort of your home, office, park, or wherever else you would like to take it.  

What if I try this program and it doesn’t work for me — can I get my money back?  

Yes. We’re not here to hold anyone hostage. Here’s how our guarantee works. Test drive the 5% of the program within the next 3 days and if you don’t feel this program is right for you — just email our support team, show us your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a fast and complete refund. The reason we ask for your completed course work is simple. We only want to work with people who are truly committed to taking massive, consistent action and using the ideas and strategies to create real change. We devote a tremendous amount of time, energy and human resources into our students in this program, so it’s vital that you’re as committed to taking action as we are to supporting your success.

Proctor Details

What to expect from ProctorU on exam day. Watch this short video to learn more about them and the process today. This video outlines the live proctoring process, what to expect, and how to be prepared for exam day. Click here to view the proctor details

Kathleen Alcorn CCFI, CCTA, CDCI, C|OSINT

Kathleen Alcorn CEO and founder of ATOLLect LLC, gives her testimonial review on the McAfee Institute.

She explains the experience with her enrollment in the Certified Cryptocurrency Forensics Investigator (CCFI) course. Kathleen has had nothing but great experiences, which has led her to enroll in multiple certification courses. She currently holds four certifications from the McAfee Institute CCFI, CCTA, CDCI, C|OSINT.

Our clients are what makes us great!

Over 3600 organizations, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies from around have sent their professionals through our programs.



The C|OSINT Supports the National Cyber-Security Workforce Framework (Homeland Security) The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework supports the nation’s cybersecurity workforce development efforts.
  •  The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provides a simple, standardized way to define cybersecurity work across multiple sectors
  •  The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provides detailed descriptions of types of cybersecurity work, the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each area, and descriptions of common specialties.
  •  With this advanced OSINT training, Students will graduate with the knowledge and skills that employers need
  • Colleges can create programs that are aligned with jobs,
  • With this OSINT certification, Employees will have a better-defined career path and opportunities, and 
  • Policymakers can set standards to promote workforce professionalization.

 Our goal is to create an industry-leading body of knowledge and skillsets that meet the McAfee Institute's high standards that can be taught, tested, and validated so you can be successful in your career regardless if you are in law enforcement, intelligence, loss prevention, private investigations, information security, or cybersecurity.
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Nicholas Tancredi C|OSINT, SMIA

Former and currently enrolled student Nicholas Tancredi gives his testimonial review on McAfee Institute.

He explains how McAfee changed his life after completing his certifications, and is very proud of how far he has came. Nicholas currently holds two certifications from the McAfee Institute the C|OSINT AND SMIA.

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