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Every year billions of dollars in merchandise losses go undetected due to the lack of creditable information to aid in the investigation and prosecution of known offenders. Confidential and reliable Informants have long played a key role in helping law enforcement to resolve both complex and significant criminal activities within their jurisdiction and have now become a necessity within the loss prevention community.

The 21st century has brought with it a new breed of criminal and the necessity for creditable information from trustworthy sources. The ability to identify credible informants, gather information on criminal activities and build trust with informants, all play a crucial role in identifying, investigating and prosecuting criminal activities against your organization.

Developed by the leaders in the industry, we explore the insights and best practices from professionals that have served with the FBI, Homeland Security, Local and State Law Enforcement to include VICE and Narcotics, loss prevention and cyber-crime.

Key Learning’s

  • How to recruit informants
  • Working with and motivating informants
  • Building creditability and trust
  • Documenting and preserving information
  • Working with law enforcement and obtaining Search Warrants with the use of informants
  • Non-traditional uses of informants, such as, Controlled Steals
  • Debriefing informant
  • Safe handling of informants
  • Liability of utilizing informants
  • Program development – how to integrate this new tool into your loss prevention program and bring success

Course Benefits

  • Access: 24/7/365 Online Unlimited Access
  • Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion
  • Availability: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • CPE Credits: Included
  • Nationally Recognized Credential: NASBA, NICE, & More
  • Live Mentors: Available 9-9PM CST via Chat

Please note: To be eligible for CPE credit, you must complete the course and final exam within one year of enrollment Please be advises that you may only claim CPE credit for a course once after the certificate of completion is issued. The certificate of completion is valid for 2 years.


How to Utilize Informants in Retail Loss Prevention

  • Introduction to Informants
  • Suitability
  • Trust and Confidentiality
  • Safe Handling of Informants
  • Legal Liabilities
  • Final Exam: Informants

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