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Investigative Interviewing Methodologies

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Program Includes

Tuition Includes:

Total Hours: 4

# of Exercises: 4

# of CPE Credits Earned: 4

Delivery Method: Online Self-Study

Certificate Earned: Digital Certificate of Completion


This is an exciting four-hour online course, where you will learn how to conduct successful investigative interviews with effective new concepts to acquire confessions from the guilty. We are taking over 25 years of hands-on experience conducting investigative interviews and sharing with you our insights into what contributes to their success and failures.

Students will continue to build upon their interviewing techniques that have previously been learned, identify signs of deception, develop new rationalizations, build rapport and obtain an admission of guilt (or eliminate them as a person of interest). Lastly, we will explore what is needed for a clean separation of employment and/or prosecution.

  • Investigative Methodologies
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Organizational Objectives and Objections
  • Investigative Interviewing Course Learnings
  • Final Exam

You need to get an 85% or better to pass the exam. If you fail you need to purchase the program again as you only get one attempt. This is a closed-book exam. 

Your certification of completion is valid for 2 years. If you wish to renew the certificate, you simply need to take the program again to generate a new certificate of completion. 


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