History of McAfee Institute

The company founded by Joshua McAfee was launched in 2007 in Peoria, Illinois. It initially focused on software designed for fraud detection and the identification of stolen goods in the ecommerce world.

In 2010, McAfee Institute went on to offer online courses and administer several industry board certifications and by 2015 McAfee Institute had over 100 different courses and board certifications.The McAfee Institute has partnered with the Dept. of Homeland Securities National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) and is listed on their site as a provider of professional certifications in this space.

McAfee Institute relocated its corporate headquarters in 2014 from Peoria, Illinois to Miami, Florida.

The company was one of the 101 Chicago’s Best & Brightest companies to work for in 2014. On the list of Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies, McAfee Institute was ranked 34th overall – 1st in education and 1st in Illinois – in the year 2013 and was ranked 213th overall, 5th in education, and 10th in Illinois in the year 2014.