Those that earn McAfee Institute credentials go on to some of the most prestigious and exciting intelligence/investigative careers the public and private sector have to offer all around the world!

This Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree program is destined to be the most exciting programs to hit the industry - bar none. There is nothing out there in the terms of social media intelligence and investigations training that match the content, real-world expertise, up-to-date tutorials and exercises offered in this incredible board certification program.

You will learn all of the MOST popular social media sites, mobile applications, chat tools, networking sites, OSINT and more that we will face over the next year. As well as the MOST SECRETIVE and CLOSELY GUARDED intelligence and investigative techniques we have to offer!

National security and criminal threats are often intertwined. The ability to integrate intelligence and investigations is now a requirement to address our nation’s threats and vulnerabilities.

The Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree program structures the investigation process to maximize the intelligence that can be gained from them. Intelligence, in turn, drives investigative strategies to ensure our resources are targeting the most pressing threats.

This Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree is a totally new program for 2016. It is an online instructor-lead, video based training program that you can take at your own pace after the lessons are released on a weekly basis.

Throughout this program students will be regularly challenged in hands-on analytic cyber intelligence and investigative exercises.

    Course Benefits

    • Over 210 hours of training over an 13-week period of time
    • Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree, Credential and Custom Padded Diploma Cover (Value $300)
    • Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree Digital Study Manual (Value $299)
    • Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree Prep Review Quizzes (Value $450)
    • Social Media Intelligence and Investigations MicroDegree Board Exam (Value $350)
    • 100% Exam Pass Guarantee – Pass the exam or we pay for you to take it again! (Value $350)
    • 200 CPE Credits (Value $2100)
    • Intelligence & Investigation Labs (Value $750)

    Minimum Eligibility Requirements

    • At least 20 years of age on the first day of class
    • No felony convictions or convictions of computer related crimes.

    Recommended but not required

    • Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Experience

    Welcome to the CSMIE Program

    • An Introduction to the Program
    • Welcome to CSMIE

    Introduction to Social Media Intelligence

    • Introduction to Social Media Intelligence and Investigations

    Open Source Intelligence

    • Open Source Intelligence Explored
    • How to Identify Digital Footprints
    • An Exploration into I.P. Addresses
    • Understanding Online Privacy
    • Firefox / Web Browser Add-ons
    • Maintaining Anonymity
    • The Creation and Utilization of Sock Puppet Accounts
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Social Media Intelligence & Investigations

    • Facebook Intelligence & Investigations
    • Twitter Intelligence & Investigations
    • LinkedIn Intelligence & Investigations
    • Instagram Intelligence & Investigations
    • Pintrest Intelligence & Investigations
    • Google+ Intelligence & Investigations
    • Tumblr Intelligence & Investigations
    • Flickr Intelligence & Investigations
    • Vine Intelligence & Investigations
    • Reddit Intelligence & Investigations
    • Disqus Intelligence & Investigations
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Mobile Apps Intelligence & Investigations

    • Tinder Intelligence & Investigations
    • Tango Intelligence & Investigations
    • WeChat Intelligence & Investigations
    • Skype Intelligence & Investigations
    • SnapChat Intelligence & Investigations
    • Viber Intelligence & Investigations
    • Qzone Intelligence & Investigations
    • QQ Intelligence & Investigations
    • LINE Intelligence & Investigations
    • Yak Intelligence & Investigations
    • KIK Intelligence & Investigations
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Video Network Intelligence & Investigations

    • Youtube Intelligence & Investigations
    • Vimeo Intelligence & Investigations
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Social Network Searching & Monitoring

    • How to utilize HootSuite
    • How to utilize Sprout Social
    • Additional Tools and Resources Available

    Advanced Search Techniques

    • Social Media Search Methodologies
    • Basic Google Search Methods
    • Advanced Search Methods
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Dark Web Intelligence & Investigations

    • Introduction to TOR
    • How to search the TOR network
    • Tools utilized on the TOR network
    • Contraband and Illegal Items for Sale on the Dark Web
    • Directories and Databases on the DarkWeb
    • Deep Web Research Tools and Tips
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Cryptocurrency Explored

    • An exploration into Bitcoin
    • Searching Bitcoins
    • Tools for Managing Bitcoins
    • Prep Review Quiz

    How Criminal Groups Use Social Media

    • Terroristic Activities on Social Media
    • ISIS Intelligence Monitoring
    • Gang Intelligence and Monitoring
    • Criminal Intelligence and Monitoring

    Legal Fundamentals

    • Social Media Warrants
    • Social Media Laws
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Final Exam for Certification

    • How to Prepare for the Final Exam
    • Final Exam

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