The World’s Most Comprehensive HiTech Computer and Cyber Forensic Learning Experience

Qualified Forensic HiTech Investigators (Q|FHI's) are the industry’s Most Elite Forensic Investigators that are trained in advanced and state of the art methodologies to identify, investigate and secure the most complex computer forensic investigations known to man. They are Simply the Best of the Best! Let me tell you about the program and how to earn your credential and board certification!

We are taking over 25 years of hands-on experience of conducting forensic investigations, cyber-investigations from the private, public, and government sectors around the world and sharing with you, our insights into what contributes to success and failures.

This program contains 100's of video based lectures resulting in over 45 hours of online training, online prep review quizzes to prepare you for the final exam, and of course the necessary study manuals as well to help you along the way.

It does not matter if you are from Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Fraud, Intelligence, Cyber Security, I.T Security or Private Investigation you will learn a ton of new concepts and investigative methodologies that you can apply immediately to your role and come out on top. We take the best of the best and make them even better!

The Learning Experience

  • Live Online Instructor to guide you.
  • Live Investigative/Forensic Labs
  • Interactive and easy to understand presentations.
  • Video Based Lectures, Reading Assignments and Exam Preparatory Lessons
  • Learn state of the art forensic tools & more

What are the requirements?

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher plus 1 years of experience in forensics, fraud, investigations, IT, law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, law, and/or loss prevention, private investigation, computers, or IT Security or
  • Associates degree plus three years of experience or
  • High school diploma or GED plus four years of experience or

In addition, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud or the like shall be ineligible to become a CFHI®. Applicant must provide a copy of certified transcript of education ONLY if using college degree rather than experience to qualify. Applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check, and examination process. Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a Certified Forensic HiTech Investigator.



Intro to HiTech Forensics

  • Intro to Computer Crime Investigations
  • Group Forum Discussion: Introduction Yourself!
  • Trends in Cyber Crime
  • HiTech Investigations: (Reading Assignment)

Intro to HiTech Forensics

  • Crime Scene Investigations Involving Computers
  • Digital Evidence Collection for First Responders
  • Reading Assignment
  • Group Forum Discussion: Compliance Laws
  • Week 2 Prep Review Quiz

Electronic Discovery

  • Setting Up Computer Forensics Lab
  • Understanding File Systems
  • Windows Registry Forensics
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Group Forum Discussion: Security Standards
  • About the Registry - Microsoft
  • Validation of Forensic Tools and Software: A Quick Guide for the Forensic Examiner
  • Reading Assignment
  • Week 3 Prep Review Quiz

Electronic Discovery Advanced

  • Crimes involving Email
  • Utilizing Access Data FTK
  • Reading Assignment
  • Facebook Intelligence & Investigations
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Defining Open Source Intelligence
  • A World of Sock Puppets
  • Documenting Social Media
  • Building Your Digital Case File
  • How to Keep Yourself Protected
  • Which Domain Tools to Use
  • Considerations for Instant Messaging Investigations
  • Invaluable Websites for Conducting People Searches
  • Using Suspect's Usernames to Search Multiple Platforms
  • An Exploration into the New MySpace
  • The Powerhouse of Information Known as LinkedIn
  • Social Monitoring and Tracking Suspects on Twitter
  • Geo Tracking News, Media, and Businesses
  • Creating False Personas and New Identities
  • Advanced Social Media Investigations In Conclusion
  • Becoming an Expert Witness
  • Common Task of an Expert Witness
  • Preparing to Become an Expert Witness
  • Your Role as a Consultant
  • How to Prepare Your Testimony for Court
  • Preparing Forensic and Computer Evidence
  • Summary
  • Group Forum Discussion: Crimes Involving Email
  • Week 4 Prep Review Quiz

Computer Forensics

  • Picture and Video File Review
  • Internet History Reconstruction
  • Digital Evidence/Legal Procedures & Practices
  • Covert and Remote Collections
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Wireless Networks and Wireless Network Attacks
  • Reading Assignment
  • Group Forum Discussion: Steganography Tools
  • Week 5 Prep Review Quiz

Computer Forensics Advanced

  • Social Engineering
  • Email Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Reading Assignment
  • Group Forum Discussion: Social Engineering
  • Week 6 Prep Review Quiz

Hi Tech Investigations

  • Trade Secrets/IP Theft (Reading Assignment)
  • Trade Secret / IP Theft
  • Breach of Privacy
  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Week 7 Prep Review Quiz

Hi Tech Investigations Advanced

  • Cyberstalking
  • Inappropriate Material
  • Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Cyberstalking/Piracy/Embezzlement (Reading Assignment Week 8)
  • Week 8 Prep Review Quiz

Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics

  • Intro to Mobile Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics Acquisition
  • Mobile Forensics Examination & Analysis
  • Procedures and Principles
  • Mobile Phone Acquisition/Examination/Reporting (Reading Assignment)
  • Week 9 Prep Review Quiz

Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics Advanced

  • Social Media Apps
  • Facebook Forensics on Mobile Devices
  • Twitter Forensics on Mobile Devices
  • Instagram Forensics on Mobile Devices
  • Kik Forensics on Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Phone File Systems Reading Assignment

Private and Domestic Investigations

  • Cheating Partner Investigations
  • Hidden Assets
  • Cyber Bullying

Legal Fundamentals

  • Legal Fundamentals Reading Assignment
  • Research Discussion: States Computer Crime Statutes
  • Additional Resource: DOJ Prosecuting Computer Crimes Manual

Final Exam & Preparation

  • Final Exam Preparation
  • Board Exam Purchase


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