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Learn the In's & Out's of Cyber Investigations

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  • Delivery Method: Online Self-Study
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Credits Awarded: 5 CPE
  • Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion

In this exciting online course, you will discover the various forms of cyber investigations.

By understanding, through this course, where criminals sell their data or how to utilize Social Media Websites to gain intelligence and other avenues, you will be able to identify, investigate and prosecute criminals. Our industry experts will demonstrate the tips and tricks to be more effective in gathering intelligence and conducting investigations! To conclude the course we will test your new found knowledge on the different methods of intelligence gathering, as well as the various different avenues we explore throughout this course.

Please note: To be eligible for CPE credit, you must complete the course and final exam within one year of enrollment. Please be advised that you may only claim CPE credit for a course after the certificate of completion is issued. The certificate of completion is valid for 2 years.

Last Updated: 02/5/2018 

  • How to Gather Intelligence - Introduction
  • How to Gather Intelligence - Basic Concepts
  • How To Gather Intelligence - Intel as a Continuous Cycle
  • How to Gather Intelligence - Intel Disciplines
  • How to Gather Intelligence - Threat Intel Landscape
  • How to Gather Intelligence - The Threat Intelligence Journey
  • How to Gather Intelligence - Special Considerations
  • Gathering Intelligence on Carding Forums
  • An Overview of Social Media Investigations
  • Criminals on Facebook
  • How to be Successful in Social Media Investigations
  • How to Locate Accomplices & Co-conspirators (Belief Propagation)
  • Live Tutorial: Profile Information
  • Facebook Intelligence: The Friends List
  • Facebook Intelligence: The Conversation Wall
  • Facebook Information Tab
  • Facebook Timeline
  • How to Gather Intelligence in Facebook Groups
  • How Fraudsters Create Phishing Schemes
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Private Profiles
  • Subpoenas & Search Warrants
  • How to Locate People on MySpace
  • MySpace Intelligence: Gather Information on the Profile Wall
  • MySpace Intelligence: Details in the Friends List
  • LinkedIn: Gathering Intelligence from the Profile
  • Using the Power of Google on LinkedIn
  • How to Use Google's Site Search Effectively for Cyber Investigations
  • How to Utilize Google's Double Quotes
  • What are the Ethical Considerations When doing Social Media Investigations
  • Tools and Resources Available for Social Media Investigations
  • Introduction to Twitter Investigation Methodologies
  • The New Twitter Profile Layout
  • Exploring Twitter Search
  • Twitter Search - Stolen goods
  • UserID Searches
  • Location Based Searches
  • Link Searches
  • Question Based Searches
  • Advanced Searches
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Gathering Intel via Social Media In Conclusion
  • eCommerce Fraud Investigations
  • eCrime Investigations - Introduction
  • Where is eCrime Most Prevalent
  • Fencing Vs. eFencing
  • eCommerce Challenges to Investigating Fraudsters
  • Prosecution Challenges
  • Science Meets eCrime
  • eBay The World's Largest Auction Platform
  • Boosters Selling on eBay
  • eBay Fraudsters - Let's Find Them
  • eBay Listing Overview
  • Advanced Search Overview
  • Search Results Overview
  • Auction Listing Details
  • Feedback Systems and How Fraudsters Use Them
  • Ebay Feedback Review - First 30 Days
  • Craigslist Overview
  • Craigslist Listings
  • Craigslist Investigations
  • Google Boolean Searches - Site Search
  • Introduction to Gathering Intelligence on Mobile Apps
  • Skype Sign Up
  • Web Platform and Features
  • Skype App and Searching
  • Google Hangouts Intro
  • Google Plus
  • Hangouts Tutorial
  • Google Hangouts Mobile
  • Oovoo
  • Oovoo Chat Window
  • Gathering Intel on Facetime
  • Gathering Intel on Tango