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Attention Police Detectives, Private Investigators, Insurance Fraud Investigators, and Digital Forensic Examiners:

What if You Could Quickly and Easily Obtain and Analyze Cell Phone Records… Without the Hassle and Frustration?

One retired Indiana Metro Police Department Detective and US Army Criminal Investigation Special Agent uncovers… The Easier Way to Get Accurate, Detailed Results with Common Software Like Microsoft Excel and Google Maps!

Dear Fellow Investigator,

Benjamin Bierce here.

It’s no secret that accurate, carefully analyzed cell phone records can change the fate of a case in an instant. The outcome of countless civil and criminal cases has been determined by hard-working people like you and me, who have diligently fought to obtain the one “smoking gun” piece of evidence – a call that solidly links the suspect to the crime.

But if you’ve been doing this for a while (like I have), you know that locating, obtaining, and analyzing cell phone records can be a “needle in a haystack” scenario. You can easily spend weeks or even months trying to locate call records before you ever make an inch of headway in the case you’re working.

And to make matters worse, actually obtaining cell phone records from cellular service providers can be a complete nightmare, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered. Cell phone company representatives are almost always overworked and underpaid… so really, it’s no wonder!

Now, if you’re like many people in your field, you may have tried one or more of the automated software options that are supposed to make the whole process easier. But I’ll bet that you’ve found out that…

Most “simple” solutions are costly (and complicated)!

As a current Police Detective for the Franklin, IN Police Department and a retired Indiana Metro Detective and US Army Special Agent, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time trying to get my hands on cell phone records to make headway on criminal cases. I know how overworked cell service provider reps can be… and how easy it is to waste days on end trying to work with incomplete or inaccurate cell phone records.

So when several “experts” started releasing software and training designed to make obtaining and analyzing cell records “effortless,” I was both intrigued and hopeful.

Could it really be true that a “miracle” piece of software could save me dozens of hours of searching per case?

Sadly, the answer turned out to be a solid “no.” Now, software can serve as “triage” to determine whether a particular set of data is worth digging into to find the evidence you need.

But there’s a definite reliability problem – for example, automated software can’t really tell you which piece of information belongs in a different time zone (which can seriously hamper your efforts).

So I decided there had to be a better way.

As an investigator – no matter whether you’re seeking evidence for a murder case or building evidence to support an insurance fraud charge – you need to be able to obtain and analyze cell phone records quickly.

No need to add to cell phone company representatives’ enormous workloads.

No incomplete information.

No jumbled messes that take weeks to sort through.

So I decided to tap into my 30+ years of experience in military and law enforcement service, and streamline what I’d learned to create a reliable, repeatable system for obtaining and using cell call evidence… without ridiculously expensive software or relying on cell providers to cooperate.

I documented all of my “best practices” to eliminate as much guesswork as possible and to shave days or even weeks off of the procurement and analysis process.

And I distilled it all into an easy-to-follow system that you can start using today to lock down the evidence you need… even if you’ve been doing things the “needle in a haystack” way for decades!

It was a LOT of hard work (even for someone who has testified in 28 trials as a cell phone evidence expert witness like I have)… but now, my resources, training, and step-by-step processes are right at your fingertips! 


No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence

The Simple Way to Gather, Analyze and Use Cell Phone Records Fast

In this straight-to-the-point, in-depth training program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to streamline your efforts when you’re looking for call records to identify suspects, determine connections or locations, or obtain other call-related evidence to build a compelling civil or criminal case.

And you won’t have to worry about accuracy or completeness, either. With this strategic approach, you’ll get the most accurate information available – giving you the leverage to compile persuasive evidence without mistakes or long wait times.

Plus, you can say “goodbye” to spending $1,000s on clunky, glitch-filled software that doesn’t give you the solid information you need. If you have access to Microsoft Excel and Google Maps, you can start putting this training to work for you within just a few hours from now.

Of course, you could figure all of these techniques out on your own… but I’ve already gone through the “trial and error” for you. That means that you get to save yourself years of frustration and guesswork… and get the shortcut that I wish I had when I started my career over 30 years ago!

“No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence” is ideal for:

  • Police Detectives
  • Private Investigators
  • Prison Wardens
  • Corrections Officers
  • Digital Forensics Examiners
  • Insurance Fraud Investigators
  • Special Forces Investigators

If you need rock-solid cell phone call evidence even just once a month, the time and frustration you’ll save with this straightforward system will be worth many times your modest investment in this program!

And the techniques I’ll show you give you the highest likelihood possible of being considered an expert for trial purposes… relieving you of the time, effort, and expense it takes to find or subpoena an outside expert to help solidify your case in front of a judge or jury.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in this game-changing program…

I couldn’t possibly list all of the insights, resources, strategies, and tricks you’re going to learn when you tap into this program just minutes from now. But I did want to give you just a taste of the headache-saving information you’re getting with “No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence” today:

  • You’ll get real-world examples of how this system produces accurate, rapid results… so you can use the training and resources efficiently and effectively.
  • You’ll learn how cell phones, sites, and sectors work, which makes it simple to obtain and analyze records from the right sources… and extract the evidence you need to support your case.
  • You’ll get time-saving strategies for identifying a suspect’s cell phone carrier… including porting, how cell phone numbers are set, historic records, tools to streamline the process, and more.
  • You’ll find out everything you need about obtaining and sending search warrants to major cell service carriers… so that you can complete the process correctly the first time and dramatically reduce the time it takes to get the records you’re looking for.
  • You’ll get proven tips for downloading and organizing the records once you receive them… including working with common (and not so common) file types.
  • You’ll discover the easy way to generate and populate Excel Worksheets – these tips alone are worth your investment in this program!
  • You’ll learn how to knock hours off of analyzing records by using simple, cut-and-paste formulas – no need to wade through Excel tutorials to create these formulas on your own.
  • You’ll see how the entire process – from request to analysis – differs among carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
  • You’ll get a full explanation of how to use Google Maps to identify suspect locations, giving your evidence almost bullet-proof strength and uncovering crime details that might have otherwise been missed.
  • And much more!

 Now, I know like sounds like a LOT of information. And believe me, there’s plenty to work with here. But I’ve purposely organized the information so that you can absorb it quickly and easily, and (more importantly) so you can start integrating this system into your investigations right away.

I do encourage you to go through the entire program before using the strategies and resources it contains. But if you’re in a hurry, don’t worry – you can pick up the fundamentals now, and then focus on the details when you’re not in a time crunch.

But does “No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence” really work?

 Absolutely! I’ve taught this system to hundreds of investigators, detectives, and other professionals, and they all tell me the same thing: “Ben, I wish I’d found you years ago!”

That’s always nice to hear.

But what’s even better is when my system produces real-world results like these:

  • Not long ago, I investigated a case involving a tractor-trailer crash, in which one of the vehicle occupants was killed. Thanks to the very system you’re about to learn, I was able to prove that the tractor-trailer driver was on his cell phone at the time of the accident. That evidence ended up making a difference of $500,000 in the settlement amount!
  • In a murder case, there were two primary suspects. One suspect was identified through phone records linking the suspect to the victim (the suspect called and texted the victim shortly before the murder took place). However, no such phone evidence was available for the second suspect. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found the first victim guilty but was unable to deliver a “guilty” verdict for the second suspect.
  • In another murder case, the coroner found a pre-paid cell phone under the victim’s body; however, the victim’s family stated that it did not belong to the victim. The call records I obtained for this phone – again, using the very same strategies that you’re about to discover) led to the identification of three suspects, one of whom was convicted at trial.

There are hundreds of similar stories, but they all point to one thing: When you have reliable access to accurate cell phone records, the outcome of an investigation can change drastically. What could have remained a mystery forever can now be proven… and you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to obtain the right evidence!

Isn’t it time your job got a little easier?

Right now, you have a decision to make.

You can decide to keep chasing cell phone evidence the hard way… spending tedious hours searching, dumping requests from cell service providers, and analyzing the data by hand.

You can keep forking over $1,000s for software that doesn’t produce results, and hope that someday you’ll finally find the “miracle” solution that the “experts” keep promising you.

Or you can tap into the tested and proven system for streamlining the entire process of obtaining and analyzing cell phone records… and get the evidence you need days or weeks sooner than you could have ever hoped for before.

The choice is yours. But if you value your time (and sanity) as much as I value mine, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of “No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence” today.

And right now, I’m offering the entire program – instantly accessible on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device – for a one-time investment of just…

$1,200 $797

By the way, I’m well aware that the rules and requirements for obtaining cell phone records change frequently. So I’ll be updating the program at least once per year to ensure that investigators and other professionals have access to the most accurate information possible.

Oh, and one last thing… once you’ve started using this system, please send me a note and tell me how it has saved you time and frustration. I LOVE hearing from investigators and other professionals who have successfully used “No-Hassle Cell Phone Evidence” to achieve the results they want from their civil and criminal cases!

P.S.: The price you see above is only available for a limited time. Once the next 100 professionals take advantage of this offer, the price will return to $1,200. It’s still a fantastic investment at that price, but why miss out on the chance to save $400 AND get countless hours of your time back? Lock in your savings today!

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