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Industry Recognized


Discover Cutting-Edge Cyber Counterintelligence Techniques and Position Yourself as an Industry Recognized Cyber Counterintelligence Expert with This Industry Renowned Board Certification.

  • Learn how to identify and investigate cyber criminals trying to target your organization or agency.
  • Learn how to conduct cyber counterintelligence missions and provide actionable intelligence to mitigate the threat.
  • Gain the credibility, knowledge, and expertise you need to propel yourself ahead of the competition and become well-known as a thought leader in the investigative and intelligence industry...

    A Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst works at all levels of the federal government which include FBI, NSA, CIA, USS, DOD, and DEA. CCTA’s also work at large multi-national corporations as well as protecting organizations from the theft of proprietary information, trade secrets, assets, merchandise, customer information and more. The CCTA® credential and designation is a game changer for the industry and your career!

    The need has never been higher as hackers, terrorist and cybercriminals continue to target our businesses, government, personal information, and way of life, having certified professionals capable of identifying investigating and prosecuting these individuals is a must.


      What would that do for your career?

      Those who earn the nationally accredited credential you're about to discover go on to experience some of the world's most prestigious and exciting intelligence and investigative careers in both the public and private sectors.

      With this board certification, you'll not only have the skills, knowledge, and expertise you need to track down cyber criminals and glean intelligence from the cyber landscape... but you'll also become known as an industry expert in conducting quick and effective cyber counterintelligence investigations.

      But Isn't Getting a Nationally Recognized Board Certification Time Consuming and Expensive?

      There's a huge myth among investigative professionals that goes something like this...

      "No matter how you do it, getting nationally recognized credentials as an investigative professional takes a long time and is horribly expensive!"

      But we're here to tell you that this is entirely UNTRUE.

      Here's why:

      With the help of our national award-winning Founder and CEO, Josh McAfee, who is one of the most recognized and most in-demand authorities in the industry, we've created one of the most exciting and in-demand programs ever to hit the intelligence/investigative industry!

      We combined the insight and expertise of hundreds of the industry's top leaders, from federal, local, and state law enforcement, intelligence, loss prevention, investigations, fraud, and more to bring you the most up-to-date and effective training possible in cyber and social media investigations.

      We're helping you achieve the credibility and expert authority that will skyrocket your career and propel you miles ahead of the competition.

      "Just satisfied" won't do it..

      We want you to be absolutely thrilled.

      That's why we're making this incredible offer even sweeter...

      In the very unlikely event that you aren't completely thrilled with the training you receive in the new Certified Counter-Intelligence Threat Analyst (CCTA) program... just let us know and we'll give you back every penny you invested in this game-changing certification! 

      The Top Reasons To Get Certified

      Career Advancement 
      Surveys consistently suggest that McAfee Institute (M.I.) Board certified professionals earn higher salaries (up to a 30% increase) and gain more opportunities for career advancement.

      Professional Opportunities 
      Certification proves to prospective employers that your expertise is confirmed by McAfee Institute, the leader in intelligence and investigative professional development.

      Proven Professional Achievement 
      Documented evidence of your professional achievement leads to recognition and respect for your abilities as an intelligence and investigative professional.

      Greater Adaptability 
      McAfee Institute Certified professionals demonstrate that they are committed to continuing education, allowing them to adapt more effectively to a rapidly changing technology environment.

      Increased Credibility 
      McAfee Institute Certification credentials increase your standing in the community by attesting to the integrity of your knowledge and skills and the reliability with which you can apply them.

      Employer Confidence 
      McAfee Institute Certifications help employers match skills to job requirements and provides confidence that employees have the right skills for the job.

      Industry Recognition 
      The high-integrity examination and certification process ensures that McAfee Institute credentials are the standard for the intelligence and investigative sectors.

      Continued Professional Growth 
      Recertification requirements, combined with a variety of learning resources, ensure that your knowledge keeps pace with a rapidly changing field.

      Who Attends

      • Intel
      • Military
      • CounterIntelligence
      • Special Operations
      • Loss Prevention
      • Fraud Investigators
      • Law Enforcement

      G.I. Bill® Approved

      McAfee Institute is approved for the Veterans Education Benefits for our resident based (in-person) programs. If you are interested in attending one of our world-renowned board certification programs please follow these directions for enrollment using Veterans Education Benefits.

       Steps to Attend

      1. Select the program you want to attend.
      2. Complete the enrollment form here.
      3. You will be notified of your acceptance.
      4. Send in a copy of your eligibility.
      5. Attend the resident based training program.


      Applicant experience must meet one of the four following criteria listed below:

      • Bachelor’s degree or higher plus three years of experience in investigations, IT, fraud, law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, law, and/or loss prevention or
      • Associates degree plus four years of experience as stated above or
      • High school diploma or equivalency plus four years of experience as stated above.

      Also, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud or the like shall be ineligible to become a CCTA™. Applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check and examination process. Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a Certified Counterintelligence Threat Analyst (CCTA).


      Download the syllabus below


      You have to renew the board certification every two years, once you are certified. The cost is $125 for an additional two years. CPE requirements are listed here.


      Introduction to Cyber Counterintelligence

      • Welcome to the Cyber Counterintelligence Threat Analysis Program
      • Group Forum Discussion: Introduce Yourself!
      • Group Forum Discussion
      • Code of Ethics (Reading Assignment)
      • Resources

      Intelligence Overview

      • Types of Cyber Crime (Reading Assignment)
      • Intro to Cyber Investigations - Overview
      • How Cyber Criminals Attack
      • Conducting Cyber Investigations
      • Cyber Investigations 101
      • How to Investigate Email Headers
      • Conclusion & Recap

      Applying Intelligence Methodologies

      • Intelligence Methodologies
      • Group Forum Discussion
      • Cyber Terrorism & Hackers
      • Cyber Terrorism in the News
      • Counter-Terrorism
      • Cyber Threats & Concerns
      • Cyber Threat Concerns

      Email Headers and Digital Forensics

      • Cyber Forensics (Reading Assignment)
      • Investigating Email Crimes: The Who, What, When, and Where!
      • What do we do with our findings?
      • Email Header Information
      • Mobile Forensics Part 1
      • Mobile Forensics Part 2
      • Quiz: Digital and Mobile Forensics
      • Setting up an investigator's computer
      • Setting up an investigator's computer (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Setting up the Investigators Compute

      Understanding The Perpetrator

      • Understanding the Perpetrator (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Understanding the Perpetrator
      • Understanding Deception
      • Understanding Deception (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Deception

      Basic Social Media Investigations

      • Intro to Basic Social Media
      • Facebook Search
      • Locating People on Facebook
      • Facebook Profile
      • Facebook Search Tool
      • Facebook Private Profile Information
      • Twitter
      • Twitter Search
      • Twitter Mobile App
      • YouTube
      • YouTube Search
      • Google+
      • Google+ Search
      • Ethical Considerations
      • Quiz: Basic Social Media Investigations

      Advanced Social Media Investigations

      • Course Resources
      • An overview of Advanced Social Media Investigations
      • Defining Open Source Intelligence
      • A World of Sock Puppets
      • Domain Names
      • Username Workflow
      • Search Engines
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • YouTube
      • Hootsuite and SproutSocial
      • Quiz: Advanced Social Media Investigations

      Chatting Up Your Person of Interest

      • Introduction to Video Chat Platforms
      • Skype Sign Up
      • Web Platform and Features
      • Skype App and Searching
      • Google Hangouts Intro
      • Google Plus
      • Hangouts Tutorial
      • Google Hangouts Mobile
      • Oovoo
      • Oovoo Chat Window
      • Facetime
      • Tango
      • Quiz: Chatting Up Your Person of Interest

      What Do We Do With Dating Sites

      • Dating Site Introduction
      • Doing a Basic Search on Plenty of Fish
      • Plenty of Fish Advanced Search
      • Searching for a Username on Plenty of Fish
      • Searching the Forums in Plenty of Fish
      • Match.com Login and Overview
      • Match.com Search Functions
      • What about Google Site Search
      • Quiz: Dating Sites

      Classified Investigation Methodologies

      • Classified Investigations - Introduction
      • Where is eCrime Most Prevalent
      • Fencing Vs. eFencing
      • eCommerce Challenges to Investigating Fraudsters
      • Prosecution Challenges
      • Prosecution Requirements
      • Science Meets eCrime
      • Craigslist Overview
      • Craigslist Listings
      • Craigslist Investigations
      • Google Boolean Searches (Site Search)
      • Quiz: Classified Investigations Quiz

      Documenting Social Media Evidence

      • Documenting Social Media Evidence (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Documenting Social Media Evidence

      eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      • eCrime Investigations - Introduction
      • Where is eCrime Most Prevalent
      • Fencing Vs. eFencing
      • eCommerce Challenges to Investigating Fraudsters
      • Prosecution Challenges
      • Prosecution Requirements
      • Science Meets eCrime
      • Ebay The World's Largest Auction Platform
      • Boosters Selling on Ebay
      • Ebay Fraudsters - Let's Find Them
      • Ebay Listing Overview
      • Advanced Search Overview
      • Search Results Overview
      • Auction Listing Details
      • Feedback Profile Overview
      • Auction Analysis for Fraud
      • Feedback Systems and How Fraudsters Use Them
      • Ebay Feedback Review - First 30 Days
      • Craigslist Overview
      • Craigslist Listings
      • Craigslist Investigations
      • Google Boolean Searches - Site Search
      • Group Forum Discussion: eBay Investigation
      • Group Forum Discussion: Craigslist Investigation
      • Quiz: eCrime Investigations Quiz

      Advanced eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      • Introduction to Advanced eCommerce Fraud
      • The Demographics of Online Fraudsters
      • Trends and Patterns of Online Fraudsters
      • The Profile of an Online Fraudster
      • Types of Auction Fraud
      • Patterns in Fraudulent Behavior
      • Research Results and Types of Auction Fraud
      • Analyze Fraudulent Behavior
      • eBay Investigations
      • eBay Auction Search Kit
      • eBay and Terapeak
      • Hot Topic Research on Terapeak
      • eBay Investigative Tips
      • Craigslist Investigation
      • Craigslist Investigation Tips
      • Facebook Marketplace (Oodle) Introduction
      • Facebook Marketplace - Searching Individuals
      • Facebook Marketplace Investigative Tips
      • Google Advanced Operators
      • Google Site Search: eforcity
      • Google Site Search
      • Email Header Information
      • Meta Data
      • eCommerce Laboratory
      • Conclusion
      • Quiz: Advanced eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      Exploring the Deep Web

      • DarkWeb (Reading Assignment)
      • The Deep Web!
      • Getting Started with TOR (Step by Step)
      • Introducing the TOR Project
      • The Deep Web (Overview)
      • An Exploration 1
      • VPN Services
      • Steps to buy and set up a VPN service to remain anonymous
      • Hidden Wiki 2017
      • Black Market Links 2017
      • Deep Web Drug Markets 2017
      • Hitman and Escrow Dark Web Links 2017
      • Directories and Lists 2017
      • The Secrets Behind the TOR Browser
      • TOR Wiki (Resource)
      • What the @#$% is a Bitcoin anyway?
      • Deep Web Quiz

      Open Source Intelligence

      • Open Source Intelligence (Reading Assignment)
      • Open Source Intelligence Gathering Methodologies (OSINT)
      • Quiz: Open Source Intelligence
      • Law Enforcement Efforts
      • Law Enforcement Efforts (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Law Enforcement Efforts
      • Advanced Searching
      • Advanced Searching (Reading Assignment)
      • Quiz: Advanced Searching

      CCTA Exam

        • Exam Application
        • Final Exam: CCTA

      Our students come from some of the MOST AMAZING organizations and agencies around the world and you can be apart of it!