The purpose of renewal is to encourage you to continue to expand your knowledge and skills in your field, demonstrate your ongoing commitment to keeping pace with developments in our industry, and assure the public that you have met current professional standards required for practice and to maintain your certification. To support this purpose, our re-certification process requires you to participate in continuing education and professional development activities that enhance your ongoing professional development.

The investigative and intelligence sector is constantly evolving with new job duties, laws and regulations, and employer expectations. Certification renewal and the continuing education requirements are designed to keep you current on changes in your job and the industry as a whole and to expand your skill-set.

By completing the renewal process and taking McAfee Institute approved CPE, you are demonstrating that you have studied the latest intelligence and investigative methodologies to help you stay efficient and effective in the workplace.

Who needs to renew their certification?

There are many reasons to remain current. If you are working in the intelligence and investigative sectors, it’s wise to stay current on your certification. Many employers look for certification as an indication of your experience and dedication. Many courts look to our certificates as to provide third-party validation of your skill sets where expert witness testimony is needed. Some states and professions require a current certification to maintain your license and/or employment.

A Simple Process with Many Benefits

With our inclusive renewal process and fee, completed every two years, you get uninterrupted access to all your M.I. Program resources. Benefits exclusive to M.I. Certified professionals include:

  • Reduced fees for M.I. certified professionals with multiple credentials
  • Active/Current certification holders are searchable by their credential/can be verified by employers
  • Ability to add your certification/credentials & digital badge to your LinkedIn page
  • Ability to receive occasional discounts on M.I. renewal fees
  • Exclusive emailed offers with free professional development tools and resources
  • Support team available by phone, email, chat, and social media
  • Opportunities to participate in national intelligence and investigative industry studies and task forces
  • A new digital certificate with new expiration date every time you renew

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