Become an Accredited Training Center

McAfee Institute Accredited Training Centers (ATC) are a network of global training centers that offer up-to-date training, testing, and credentialing services, accredited by McAfee Institute, to meet international training and credentialing standards. As an Accredited Training Center, you will have the opportunity to learn from our Certified McAfee Institute Instructors (CMIIs) in quiet classroom settings, who will prepare you for our various industry-recognized credentialing programs.
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Become a Certified Instructor

The McAfee Institute Certified Instructor program is designed for individuals who would like to deliver McAfee Institute's suite of professional certification programs. The MICT program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of intelligence, investigations and cyber. All of McAfee Institute's instructor-led training is a combination of lectures, technical demonstrations, and hands-on labs. McAfee Institute Certified Instructors (MICT) are required to be technically proficient with good instructional skills. The instructor must maintain a high standard of professionalism and teaching preparedness.
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Become an Academia Partner

As a registered McAfee Institute Academia partnered institution, we value your partnership and look forward to supporting your intelligence, investigation and cyber programs, initiatives, faculty, and students. Please take some time to explore the resources and benefits available to you within this portal. These offerings have been specifically designed for you as an educator. This program is all about supporting you and transforming the intelligence and investigation workforce! We look forward to your involvement. Please contact us at with additional questions, comments, or feedback!
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Become an Affiliate Partner

Become a McAfee Institute Affiliate and promotion our programs through email and social media and earn a cool 20% commission on any sales you bring to the McAfee Institute.
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