The Mobile App Investigation Program is designed to provide investigators with the training necessary to complete forensically sound, data acquisitions of digital evidence from social networking applications.

This incredible online instructor-led training program is destined to be the most exciting programs to hit the industry. There is nothing out there in the terms of mobile app intelligence and investigations training that match the content, real-world expertise, up-to-date tutorials and exercises offered in this incredible program.

You will learn all of the MOST POPULAR social media sites available as mobile applications, chat tools, OSINT and more that we will face over the next year. As well as the most SECRETIVEand closely guarded intelligence and investigative techniques we have to offer!

At the conclusion of this program, you will have a demonstrated through the successful completion of an online exam and a practical exercise that you have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Social Media Investigation Methodologies
  • Social Media Intelligence Processes
  • Social Media Mobile Applications
  • Open Source Intelligence Methodologies
  • Legal Fundamentals Relating to Cyber Investigations


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Mobile App Investigations

    • Introduction
    • Introduce yourself!
  • 2

    Basic Social Media Investigations

    • An Overview of Basic Social Media Investigations
    • Facebook Search Techniques
    • Locating People on Facebook
    • Exploring the Facebook Profile
    • Facebook Search Tool
    • Facebook Private Profile Information
    • An Exploration into Twitter
    • Twitter Search Techniques
    • Twitter Mobile App
    • An Exploration into YouTube
    • YouTube Search
    • Ethical Considerations
  • 3

    Advanced Social Media Investigations

    • Advanced Social Media Introduction
    • Open Source Intelligence
    • Anatomy of Social Media
    • An Exploration into Domain Names
    • Username Workflow
    • How to Utilize Search Engines
    • Advanced Facebook Seach Techniques
    • Advanced Twitter Search Techniques
    • Advanced Instagram Search Techniques
    • Advanced YouTube Search Techniques
    • How to Use HootSuite and SproutSocial
  • 4

    Open Source Intelligence

    • Open Source Intelligence Explored
    • A World of Sock Puppets
    • Keep Yourself Protected
    • Criminals: An Inside Look in Dumb Criminals Posting Criminal Acts Online
    • Exploring TOR
    • Exploring the BitCoin
    • The Secrets Behind the TOR Browser
    • Digital Case File
    • An Exploration into the Deep Web
  • 5

    Open Source Intelligence Resourses

    • Open Source Summit Resourses
  • 6

    Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics

    • Intro to Mobile Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics Acquisition
    • Mobile Forensics Examination & Analysis
    • Procedures and Principles
    • Mobile Phone Acquisition/Examination/Reporting (Reading Assignment)
  • 7

    Mobile Apps Intelligence & Investigations

    • Tinder Intelligence & Investigations
    • Skype Intelligence & Investigations
    • SnapChat Intelligence & Investigations
    • Kik Intelligence & Investigations
    • WeChat Intelligence & Investigations
    • Tango Intelligence & Investigations
    • Viber Intelligence & Investigations
    • QQ Intelligence & Investigations
    • LINE Intelligence & Investigations
    • Yik Yak Intelligence & Investigations
  • 8

    Legal Fundamentals

    • Legal Fundamentals (Reading Assignment)
    • Legal Fundamentals Discussion
    • Additional Resource: DOJ Prosecuting Computer Crimes Manual
  • 9

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam

Course Benefits

Access: 24/7/365 Online Unlimited Access
Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion
Availability: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
CPE Credits: Included
Nationally Recognized Credential: NASBA, NICE, & More
Live Mentors: Available 9-9PM CST via Chat

Please note: To be eligible for CPE credit, you must complete the course and final exam within one year of enrollment Please be advises that you may only claim CPE credit for a course once after the certificate of completion is issued. The certificate of completion is valid for 2 years.


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Mobile App Investigations course ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   

"Mobile App Investigations course provides and excellent foundation from which to learn.  McAfee Institute is an outstanding resource.  Being able to study and review current, evolving literature and converse with mentors and peers is McAfee Institute's greatest value. I hope to be able to benefit from the many resources offered by McAfee Institute. Dan James

Daniel James ✅ Verified Review

Mobile App Investigations is awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   

I took this course and lessons at this course have indeed polished my capabilities on aspect of Mobile App Investigations. The course has helped me in getting one more step forward towards strengthening my carrier base. I am Really Thankful to Justice S. from McAfee Institute. who helped me in paying my fees on terms that were convenient to me. as it is bit difficult to pay high fees from Indian perspective. I am really Thankful to Her and McAfee Institute.    

Rituraj Mate ✅ Verified Review

Good class ⭐⭐⭐⭐   

I recently took a OSINT class offered by Michael Bazzell. That class had me wanting more; a week was not enough. The MOBILE APP INVESTIGATIONS class was a great investment because it went into great depth with the different social media platforms. I enjoyed the "at your own pace" learning and appreciate the examples the instructor gave on how to apply what you've learned. I am glad I took this class.    

George Torres ✅ Verified Review