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The Top 20 Intelligence Resources on the Net

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Program Includes

Tuition Includes:

Total Hours: 5

# of Exercises: 2

# of CPE Credits Earned: 5

Delivery Method: Online Self-Study

Certificate Earned: Digital Certificate of Completion

In this exciting and stunning course, we will show you first hand the websites and resources that are not only necessary in your investigative toolbox (but a requirement) and how to utilize them effectively and efficiently if you are going to be successful this year!

Have you ever wondered:

  • Where exactly is criminal activity happening on the net?
  • Where the fraudsters are hiding & committing their illegal acts.
  • Where you are most likely to gather the key intelligence on your person of interest.
  • What communication methods they are using the most?

You will learn the most valuable sources:

  • Where you can find personal details on your subject
  • Where & how you can find and locate social media accounts
  • We will explore where and how you can find eCommerce, auction, and classified seller accounts
  • We will explore where the following types of criminal activity is happening (Sales of Stolen Goods (eFencing) - Insurance Fraud - Illegal Narcotics - Weapon Sales - Sales of Credit Card Details - Sales of Personal Details from Identity Theft - Child pornography & More...)
  • How to set up a cyber investigators computer, sock puppet accounts, proxies, and aliases to conduct your searches with complete anonymity
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering Methodologies¬†
  • Resources
  • DarkWeb
  • The Deep Web!
  • Introducing the TOR Project
  • Getting Started with TOR (Step by Step)
  • The Deep Web (Overview)
  • Exploration 1
  • VPN Services
  • Steps to buy and set up a VPN service to remain anonymous
  • Hidden Wiki
  • Black Market Links
  • Deep Web Drug Markets
  • Hitman and Escrow Dark Web Links
  • Directories and Lists
  • TOR Wiki
  • The Secrets Behind the TOR Browser
  • What the @#$% is a Bitcoin anyway?
  • Top 20 Intelligence Resources on the Net Closing Statements
  • Exam: Open Source Intelligence

Your certification of completion is valid for 2 years. If you wish to renew the certificate, you simply need to take the program again to generate a new certificate of completion.

Program Developed: April 7, 2019

Last Minor Updates:

  • June 7, 2019
  • July 8, 2020

We have updated a few of the search techniques, links to resources, etc, but it's not considered a regularly updated program on our list of CPE.


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