Executive Leadership Board CertificationHow do you get people to follow your lead? How does your personal leadership style impact others? How can you apply influence without authority? How do you manage 360° within your organization? Your success depends upon your ability to influence the actions of others. The Certified Executive Leader (CEL) teaches you how to become an influential leader that delivers extraordinary results and gives you the strategic insights, personal leadership skills, and powerful network to accelerate your career.

This mind-shifting leadership development program offers you an opportunity to step free of traditional leadership programs taught at colleges around the world and truly hone your leadership abilities through trust, credibility, and influence. You’ll see how you affect your employees — positively and negatively — and gain practical tools and frameworks that help you lead them more effectively to achieve the results you need.

What separates us from the rest is simple. We develop leaders, who develop and mentor other leaders. Leadership coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change. Change is essential for organizations to grow and adapt to today's rapidly shifting marketplace, yet people and organizations are naturally resistant to change. Leadership coaching can facilitate productive change in persons, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers, and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped.

The ability to coach leaders is a core competency for those helping organizations to develop. Through coaching, leaders learn how to optimize the value of teams and organizations. Leadership coaching helps clarify vision, beliefs, and values, and stretches the capacity to lead and influence. Leaders then become catalysts for change within their organizations

Key Benefits

  • Learn how your personal leadership style impacts those around you
  • Develop strategies for using personal power to build strong mutual-influence relationships within your organization
  • Build a strong, cohesive team by leveraging the leadership potential of all members
  • Create a personalized leadership action plan to make you more effective and accountable back at work
  • Develop expertise in an intensive study of one subject or gain broad exposure to several areas
  • Prepare for higher levels of leadership by gaining confidence in business know-how and in leading others
  • Build your professional credentials
  • Understand leadership coaching as organizational intervention
  • Define and practice elements of the coaching relationship
  • Assemble a coaching toolkit
  • Update your skills and network with other leaders
  • Learn from the CEO of one of the World’s Fastest Growing Companies on the Inc. 500 for the last 5 years (#1 in education and professional development) and voted the #1 organizations to work for on the Best and Brightest List!

Our Executive Leadership Board Certification includes:

  • Executive Leadership – A comprehensive professional development kit for the aspiring executive, project manager, high-potential manager or supervisor, or entrepreneur who wants to master the pillars of executive leadership.
  • High-Performance Leadership – Learn the high-performance leadership skills that will turn you into a leader who can assure organizational agility, create a culture of execution, develop a team of engaged employees, and coach others to success.
  • Change Leadership – Identify opportunities for change, negotiate support, and implement the initiatives. Ensure successful implementation by managing conflict, organizing resources, motivating and directing, and developing political and organizational agility.
  • How to Coach and Mentor - Learn how to coach, mentor and develop other leaders within the organization.
  • Professional Development - Learn what it takes to uphold the image of a leader. How to interact with individuals at all levels while maintaining who you are and a sense of professionalism.
  • Measuring and Improving Business Performance – The program provides you with the tools you need to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting systems to improve the performance of managers and units all across the organization.

About the Experience

This entire program is online! We will release one module each week over 12 weeks for you to learn. Then you go back and apply it, and then talk about your success and failures. We will give you feedback and mentor you each step of the way.

Day One begins in the online classroom where you'll interact with world-class C-Suite, Leaders, faculty and peers from around the globe.

You'll explore the sources and uses of power, learn new methods for developing personal influence through collaboration, and understand the role of coaching to empower your teams.

Throughout the program, you'll use the results of the questionnaire and new insights to develop a leadership action plan tailored to your personal objectives and the needs of your company.

Your journey on earning this incredible credential will be filled with interactive video-based lectures, hands-on experiential workshops, small group discussions, and guest speakers. All in a stimulating environment on the McAfee Institute online platform, led by Joshua McAfee CEO and Founder of the McAfee Institute.

    Who Should Attend?

    The Executive Leadership Board Certification will help you take your leadership to the next level. It's specifically designed for:

    • Senior-level executives, managers, and supervisors from any size company, any industry, and any country
    • Leaders with direct reports

    Build your professional credentials in a timely, cost-effective way. The McAfee Institute’s Executive Leadership Board Certification allows you to become credentialed in leadership and management specialties, with a curriculum tailored to your career.

    How Your Organization Will Benefit?

    • Develop associates’ skills without too much time away from the office
    • Expose employees to MBA-level education in a cost-effective way
    • Target specific competencies: develop your leaders’ strengths and address any weaknesses
    • Develop your leadership pipeline by preparing future leaders
    • Renew and re-engage employees.


    Course Benefits:

    • Access: 24/7/365 Online Unlimited Access
    • Credential Earned: Board Certification
    • Availability: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
    • Online Exam: 1 Year License Included ($350 Value)
    • Prep Review Materials: Prep Review Quizzes ($450 Value)
    • Digital Manual: Included ($299 Value)
    • CPE Credits: Included
    • Nationally Recognized Credential: MicroDegree
    • Live Mentors: Available 9-6PM CST via Chat

    Bonus Items for Enrolling Today:

    • Exam Guarantee: Pass it or try again on us! (Value $350)
    • Keep Sake: Diploma, Padded Cover, Transcripts (Value $300)

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Senior-level executives, managers, and supervisors from any size company, any industry, and any country
    • Leaders with direct reports

    Course Curriculum:


    • Being Successful
    • Gut Check! What Motivates You!
    • Follow Them and People Will Follow You
    • Leadership Intro
    • Adding Value to People's Lives
    • Leadership Exercise
    • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Leaving a Lasting Legacy
    • Deep thoughts in Leadership

    Developing the Leader Within

    • Leadership ability determines a person's level of effectiveness
    • Discussion 1: Leadership Lid
    • The true measure of leadership is influence
    • Discussion 2: Adding Value
    • Leadership develops daily, not in a day

    Building Trust and Credibility

    • Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course
    • Discussion 1: Goals
    • Leaders add value by serving others
    • Discussion 2: Importance
    • Trust is the foundation of leadership
    • Discussion 3: Egos

    Attracting Followers

    • People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves
    • Discussion 1: Earn Respect
    • Leaders evaluate everything with a leadership bias
    • Discussion 2: Intuition
    • Who you are is who you attract
    • Discussion 3: Magnetism

    Becoming a Leader of Influence

    • A leader's potential is determined by those closest to him
    • Discussion 1: Inner Circle
    • Only secure leaders give power to others
    • Discussion 2: Empowerment
    • People do what people see
    • Discussion 3: The Picture
    • People buy into the leader, then the vision
    • Discussion 4: The Buy-In

    Finding Ways to Succeed

    • Leaders find a way for the team to win
    • Discussion 1: Victory
    • Momentum is a leader's best friend
    • Discussion 2: Momentum
    • Leaders have to give up, to go up
    • Discussion 3: Sacrifice

    Understanding Leadership and the Sacrifice

    • Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment
    • Discussion 1: Priorities
    • When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go
    • Discussion 2: Timing

    Success, Victory and Legacy!

    • To add growth, lead followers--to multiply, lead leaders
    • Discussion 1: Explosive Growth
    • A leader's lasting value is measured by succession
    • Discussion 2: Legacy

    Leadership Research Assignment

    • Leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less.
    • Coaching Research Assignment

    Coaching and Mentoring

    • What is effective coaching and mentoring at work?
    • Prep Review Quiz

    Professional Development

    • What does professionalism mean?
    • How to Succeed with People: How to Motivate
    • How to Deal with Negative People
    • How to be Resilient
    • Effective Communication
    • How to Reduce Conflict
    • Personal Essay Final Exam

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    Jeffrey Harris

      Leadership for Everyone

      WOW!!! The detail in the course is amazing this really challenges the way you think of a leader. One of the biggest areas is conflict we all deal with it at some point. This program did a great job at breaking down the different components and how they play into different leadership styles. 5 stars!!!!