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Welcome to the journey of becoming a Certified eCommerce Fraud Investigator (CEFI). This is the most sought-after certification in the industry for those professionals in law enforcement, intelligence, loss prevention, fraud, IT, and investigations wanting to elevate their career to the next level with an emphasis on eCommerce fraud, investigation, prosecution, and program development. The CEFI credential is world renowned and highly recognized in the world of eCommerce, and we would love to have you apart of our team!

The CEFI® credential is tough and demanding, but fun to study for. You will learn and grow with this phenomenal certification program which will keep you on the edge of your seat and even better yet, it's all online. There are no boring theory lectures here. It’s all how-to-based tutorials, videos, and personal mentorship which helps you to actually utilize the learning’s coming from the training program and be highly effective in your organization and/or agency as you progress.

CEFI’s are skilled in eCommerce fraud investigation management, online fraud identification, auction & classified investigations, digital evidence collection, developing reports, prosecution and testimony to validate findings in a global environment.

They are the very people that mentor you along the way. Join our community, more importantly, our family of industry leaders and take your career to new heights by becoming a CEFI® today!

What am I going to get from this board certification?

  • eCommerce Fraud Investigation Management
  • Online Fraud Identification
  • Auction & Classified Investigations
  • Digital Evidence Collection
  • Developing Reports
  • Prosecution and Testimony to Validate Findings

    Who Should Attend?

    • Loss Prevention Professionals
    • Law Enforcement
    • Private Investigators
    • Human Resources Professionals
    • Intelligence Professionals
    • Fraud Investigators

    Course Benefits:

    • Official CEFI e-Courseware: ($1497 Value)
    • Official CEFI Online Exam License: ($997 Value)
    • Official CEFI Prep Review Quizzes: ($497 Value)
    • Official CEFI Digital Study Guide: ($350 Value)
    • Credential Earned: Board Certification
    • Availability: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet 
    • Nationally Recognized Credential: NASBA, NICE & More
    • Live Mentors: Available 9-6PM CST via Chat

    Bonus Items for Enrolling Today:

    • Exam Guarantee: Pass it or try again on us! Conditions Apply (Value $997)
    • KeepSake: Diploma, Padded Cover, Transcripts (Value $300)
    • Unlimited Access to our New Career Center: (Value $1200)
    • Unlimited Coaching and Mentoring: (Value $2400) 

    Maintaining the Credential:

    You have to renew the board certification every two years, once you are certified. The cost is $125 for an additional two years. CPE requirements are listed here.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher plus one year of experience in eCommerce, fraud, investigations, IT, law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, law, and/or loss prevention or
    • Associates degree plus two years of experience as stated above or
    • High school diploma or GED plus four years of experience as stated above or
    • Minimum two years experience as a full-time faculty member at an accredited educational institution.

    In addition, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud or the like shall be ineligible to become a CEFI®. Applicant must provide a copy of the certified transcript of education ONLY if using college degree rather than experience to qualify.

    Applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check and examination process.

    Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a Certified eCommerce Fraud Investigator.


      Welcome to the CEFI Program!

      • Welcome to CEFI
      • Group Forum Discussion: Introduce Yourself!
      • Code of Ethics (Reading Assignment)
      • Course Materials

      Introduction to Cyber Investigations

      • Types of Cyber Crime (Reading Assignment)
      • Intro to Cyber Investigations - Overview
      • How Cyber Criminals Attack
      • Conducting Cyber Investigations
      • Cyber Investigations 101
      • How to Investigate Email Headers
      • Conclusion & Recap
      • Module 2 Quiz: Introduction to Cyber Investigations

      eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      • eCrime Investigations - Introduction
      • Where is eCrime Most Prevalent
      • Fencing Vs. eFencing
      • eCommerce Challenges to Investigating Fraudsters
      • Prosecution Challenges
      • Prosecution Requirements
      • Science Meets eCrime
      • Ebay The World's Largest Auction Platform
      • Boosters Selling on Ebay
      • Ebay Fraudsters - Let's Find Them
      • Ebay Listing Overview
      • Advanced eBay Search Overview
      • eBay Search Results Overview
      • Auction Listing Details
      • Feedback Profile Overview
      • Auction Analysis for Fraud
      • Feedback Systems and How Fraudsters Use Them
      • Ebay Feedback Review - First 30 Days
      • Craigslist Overview
      • Craigslist Listings
      • Craigslist Investigations
      • Google Boolean Searches - Site Search
      • Group Forum Discussion: eBay Investigation
      • Group Forum Discussion: Craigslist Investigation
      • Module 3 Quiz: eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      Advanced eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      • Introduction to Advanced eCommerce Fraud
      • The Demographics of Online Fraudsters
      • Trends and Patterns of Online Fraudsters
      • The Profile of an Online Fraudster
      • Types of Auction Fraud
      • Patterns in Fraudulent Behavior
      • Research Results and Types of Auction Fraud
      • Analyze Fraudulent Behavior
      • eBay Investigations
      • eBay Auction Search Kit
      • eBay and Terapeak
      • Hot Topic Research on Terapeak
      • eBay Investigative Tips
      • Craigslist Investigation
      • Craigslist Investigation Tips
      • Facebook Marketplace (Oodle) Introduction
      • Facebook Marketplace - Searching Individuals
      • Facebook Marketplace Investigative Tips
      • Google Advanced Operators
      • Google Site Search: eforcity
      • Google Site Search
      • Email Header Information
      • Meta Data
      • eCommerce Laboratory
      • Conclusion
      • Module 4 Quiz: Advanced eCrime Investigation Methodologies

      Email Headers and Digital Forensics

      • Cyber Forensics (Reading Assignment)
      • Investigating Email Crimes: The Who, What, When, and Where!
      • What do we do?
      • Email Header Information
      • Mobile Forensics Part 1
      • Mobile Forensics Part 2
      • Module 5 Quiz: Email Headers and Digital Forensics

      Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations

      • Legal Fundamentals (Reading Assignment)
      • Introduction to Legal Fundamentals
      • Understanding Your Role as a Corporate Investigator
      • Understanding Your Employees Rights
      • The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
      • Understanding Law Enforcement Concerns
      • An Agent of the Law
      • Federal Laws to Prosecute CyberCrimes
      • Becoming an Expert Witness
      • Dauberts Standards, What is it?
      • Common Task of an Expert Witness
      • Preparing to Become an Expert Witness
      • Your Role as a Consultant
      • How to Prepare Your Testimony for Court
      • Preparing Forensic and Computer Evidence
      • Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations Summary
      • Module 6 Quiz: Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations

      CEFI Final Exam

      • Preparing For The Exam
      • Exam Application
      • Final Exam: CEFI


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          Cheyne C.


          My experience overall was good!...It interconnects with other designations and adds some more insight and value from a unique perspective. I recommend this course to whomever wishes to keep up with the cyber criminals...Its the way they are headed. Lets not fall too far behind! Cheyne Collins CEFI,CORCI,CCII National LP Manager

          Don R.
          United States

          My two cents...

          Context, fraud investigator with 12 years eCommerce fraud experience. Passed with 93% after 7 hours prep time going through the entire course and reading assignments. Definitely worth while certification and glad I got it.

          Mark L.


          The course needs to be more streamlined to students. Have lessons in PPT. It is hard to follow on PDFs.

          Lyle Yanez



          Laura Caterino

          Very good