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How Your Actions Help You To Achieve Success

How often have you heard the phrase “walking your talk?” When that does not happen there is a disconnect. What you are saying and what you are doing are two different things. When you have a discrepancy between your words and your actions, your actions will be the truth. People will pay attention to what you are doing and disregard what you say.

We all know people like that. When they talk, they appear very sincere. I believe they actually are sincere at that moment when they are talking. But as soon as it is time for them to follow through on their intentions, it isn’t happening like they said it would. Somewhere between talking and action, they get caught up in fear, or some other negative emotion, and just don’t follow through.

How do you think your vibration is affected when this occurs? The disconnect between your words and your actions has a negative vibration. You are putting out subtle negative energy to the universe. Although it is subtle, you might not even be aware of it, the universe will “pick up” on it. It is difficult to move forward to reaching your true potential when you are stuck in fear and inactivity.

Getting it all to line up is the key. There are several parts to having congruency. First, you want to identify your values. What it is that you care about or what goal you are working toward.

Next, you want your actions to be complementary to those values. The things you do on a daily basis, are they supportive of your intention and the things you say you care about? If not, then what do you need to do to correct that? Are you willing to make those changes?

If not, then you may want to re-examine your values and your goals. So often, people have created values and goals for themselves based upon what they think they “should” be doing or what someone else thinks is best for them. This approach might work for a while, but not for the long run.

I have seen many people in very lucrative professions absolutely miserable. They stepped into those careers because they were expected to by someone else, but it is not what they really wanted to do. They might be very wealthy, but they are not happy. So often people give up on a dream because of someone else’s idea of what is best for them.

Now that you know what you value and your goal and you are taking the actions to move in that direction, the next step is to let others know what you care about and what your plans are. Telling other people about your intentions is very important. You are making a public affirmation.

Don’t talk about your goals because you want everyone else to get on board and support you. That might not happen. Do this because you care about this direction or part of your life. There is a difference between preaching and informing.

Look at the people you admire and view as mentors. Are they loud and pushy or are they more subtle and have a presence which you admire? The real leaders impact others by taking actions which reinforce their values. They have found something they truly believe in and are living by their values. Be a leader. Be, think, feel and act in a way which is in accordance with your values and your goals to achieve success. Having it all line up is very attractive. Opportunities will begin to appear

Copyright (c) 2009 Loren Fogelman

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