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  • On The Scene

    On The Scene

    There are several things that law enforcement must do before diving into an investigation of a crime scene.  There are checklists and a matter of waiting for the proper people to show up to the scene of the crime.  If the crime scene is secure investigators can then go in and begin the investigative process and fill out the proper documents based upon what is observed at the crime scene. A crime scene checklist is...
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  • Legal Fundamentals

    Legal Fundamentals

    When someone is arrested, there is a lot of legal fundamentals that go on in the background to ensure that the individual gets the proper fair trial that they are entitled too.  Many times, these cases will start in the state or district courts, and depending on the situation, they can build up to the supreme court, which is the highest level of the judicial system.  The supreme court will only take a certain number...
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  • ID starting to look old; Buy a New One on the Dark Net!

    ID starting to look old; Buy a New One on the Dark Net!

    The dark web is full of products that one can spend bitcoin on.  Anything from illegal guns and ammo, or even body parts, but what if we wanted something a little more convenient.  From a perspective of an everyday U.S. citizen what if I wanted to say change up my ID a little bit. Well now on the dark web you can get to the hidden wiki, and for just two-hundredths of a bitcoin (200...
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  • What is a Bitcoin?

    What is a Bitcoin?

    As we slowly move out of the physical world and get into the virtual realm, we are beginning to design virtual forms of currency.  Instead of a physical piece of paper or coin, we now have an online presence of money.  This presence was created out of a blockchain that has the information distributed across the world.  This type of currency doesn’t have to go through a centralized government.  This allows the currency to be...
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