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Who You Are Is Who You Attract - Self Improvement

The law of magnetism says “Who you are is who you attract.” Have you ever heard the term “Birds of a feather — flock together” or “Like attracts like?” So how does it apply to your life and leadership? Who do you want to attract? Who do you want to hire or have in your department? How do you make an improvement within yourself and your department?

Take a moment and write down 3 qualities you would like your employees to have in their life. What are the three qualities of the person you want to attract to your organization?

Ok… Now once you have done that I want you to look at those three qualities, let’s say for example I am wanting to hire people in my organization so I say Josh what do you want to have in the people that you hire?

  • I want them to be honest
  • Have a great attitude
  • Be dependable

These are the things I look for in hiring somebody. Now here is the question I have for you...

Look at the three qualities of the person you want to hire and ask yourself simply.

“Do I possess those three qualities in abundance”

  • Am I honest
  • Do I drive a good attitude
  • Am I dependable

Now the reason I have you asks that question is because the law of magnitude says that “Who you are is who you attract.” A lot of times we don’t understand that and we will write down the qualities of people we want to attract to us that we don’t possess ourselves. Not understanding our attraction of other people are our similarities.

Now I say that for a couple of reasons:

First of all for you to understand, who you are is likely who you will hire or who you will attract and that’s a good thing if you have good qualities. I also suppose it’s a terrible thing if you have bad qualities.

But I tell you that because you must intentionally always hire people that are different than you.

  • Not that has different values
  • Not that has a different vision than you

But are different than you! That are gifted differently.

My inner circle, my key player’s, can I tell you something about them. Almost all of them have gifts that I do not have. They have strengths that I do not have. I rely so heavily on them because they make up for my weak areas.

I go to them often and say

  • help me out
  • what do you think
  • what would you suggest
  • how do you see it

Almost all of the time they see the opportunity differently than I do. They would make a decision that is differently them me. And most of the time, I will go their way if this is an area of their strengths.

Here is what I say “Decisions should not be made by one leader; the decision should be made by the leader that is gifted in that area the most. “ That we ought to follow that giftedness, that we ought to have people around us that compliment us. And if they compliment us then they should think differently than us and that we need to understand this law. Because naturally, we have a tendency to get people like us.

Now, let’s start with the basics

I don’t mean a lot of people like me; I sometimes think one of me is too much. In fact, if my team got a vote on it a lot of times they would kick me out of the club!

But what that does mean is very simple. I want to attract basically who I am and that’s a good thing. In the sense that I need to have the values, I instill in them but it’s also something that I need to be aware of because the people that around me that will be my inner circle, they shouldn’t be just like me.

  • Same Values... Yes
  • Same Mission... Yes
  • Same Attitude... Yes
  • Same Spirit...Yes
  • Same Loyalty, yes, yes, yes

But different, differences in giftedness, because that is how we develop a strong team. We don’t have to all be alike, we all have to just like one another, complement one another, complete one another.

The law of magnetism simple says” that are strengths, will attract others with the same strengths.” But if we only attract those with our strengths, we have a weakness, we are not well rounded, and we are not complimenting and completing ourselves as we should.

It’s a great law, ask yourself

Who am I what our strengths, because that is the type of person you are going to migrate to and the type of people you are going to attract.

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