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  • 3 Elements of Modern-Day Slavery

    3 Elements of Modern-Day Slavery

    Human Trafficking has been identified as a form of modern-day slavery. Being defined as “the use of force, fraud, or coercion to exploit human beings for some type of labor or commercial sex purposes.”
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  • Hunting Down Bitcoin Buyers/Sellers

    Hunting Down Bitcoin Buyers/Sellers

    There are different websites online that record all the bitcoin transactions that are occurring at any given moment in time.  If you can figure out the exact time and location of a sale, this can very easily lead you to the potential person making the transaction.  Every once in a while, though the people performing these transactions will attempt to hide their identity.  To do this, there are a few different tools that criminals will...
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  • Following the Money

    Following the Money

    When a bitcoin purchase or trade is made, there are slight amounts of the information left behind that can lead investigators to the owner of the virtual currencies.  When you start looking deeper into this information, then you have the chance at finding the address and tracking down where the money is headed. One tool that you can use is bitcoin block explorer which summed up is a bitcoin tracker.  You insert the unparsed address,...
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  • Tools to Conceal Your Online Presence

    Tools to Conceal Your Online Presence

    There are several different internet sites on the dark web that allow criminals to purchase anything from drugs to hitman.  To access these sites, you must enter the realm of the dark web.  To do so, using a tor browser along with a VPN will completely conceal the identity of the computer that is accessing the dark web.  These are the two primary tools that criminals and you should use if you are trying to...
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