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Bitcoin transactions are one of the most secure transfers of money that can happen today.  There are a few things that every bitcoin transaction consists of.  This would be the header and the input and the output. The input of a bitcoin transaction is showing that the prior balance of the wallet contains a certain number of bitcoins available to use.  These bitcoins are then transferred forward to the current transaction that is about to...Continue Reading
When a bitcoin purchase or trade is made, there are slight amounts of the information left behind that can lead investigators to the owner of the virtual currencies.  When you start looking deeper into this information, then you have the chance at finding the address and tracking down where the money is headed. One tool that you can use is bitcoin block explorer which summed up is a bitcoin tracker.  You insert the unparsed address,...Continue Reading
There are three main steps to money laundering that a criminal must go through to launder their money successfully.  The three steps to money laundering are the placement stage, the transformation stage, and investment stage. The first step of placement is attempting to get the money out of your control and into another place.  What this does is removes the dirty money from your possession and puts it into the control of someone else —...Continue Reading
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