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On The Scene

There are several things that law enforcement must do before diving into an investigation of a crime scene.  There are checklists and a matter of waiting for the proper people to show up to the scene of the crime.  If the crime scene is secure investigators can then go in and begin the investigative process and fill out the proper documents based upon what is observed at the crime scene.

A crime scene checklist is full of things that are necessary for criminal investigators to fill out.  These are some good examples of some things that are on the list.  Part of the crime scene checklist is time and date of when a body was found, temperature and humidity, and even things such as if the body was buried or not buried.  It is imperative that the investigators fill out all of the information because there could be information about what happened on even the smallest of details in the crime scene.  A crime scene is made up of many different aspects in which must be recorded to capture every element of the crime scene.  A small detail that is not recorded could get buried under the dirt and could be the deciding factor to a case.  The job of recording all of this information is a large task to handle, which is why there are so many people that are there to help document the scene of a crime.

There is also the idea of how to pick out whether a crime scene is more important than another one.  Some things that they tend to look at is if maybe other law enforcement agencies are pursuing the same matter if the matter involves potential widespread or extensive harm to investors or the general public.  Or even if the case has a substantial number of victims or vulnerable victims.

The crime scene checklist has a long substantial list of things that each crime scene needs to be documented.  All the possible crime scenes out there are all going to be different from one to another.  No matter if the crime is the same, but the location that the crime happened at could be different.  Thus, you cannot tackle each crime scene in the same way.

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