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Locating Prostitution on Snapchat

oday our search is on how to identify potential prostitution on Snap Chat. Ever since the implementation of snap cash, Google Wallet, and other payment options, more people are buying adult entertainment on snap chat. It’s almost like a live porn hub. It is a pretty simple operation.  There are plenty of ways to search for people that are selling nudes, videos, and chat on snap chat. I started my search on in Instagram to get snap chat names. I used Snapchat contacts as a reference. You can go in and use any one of these you just have to find which ones are the suspicious accounts.PIC1 Then under the photo will be comments of snap chat names. You will not find someone to come right out and say “I’m a prostitute” so therefore you will have to do some investigating.PIC2 All investigations start from somewhere, so this is how I will show you ways to help find a suspicious account. Once I do this, I’m able to go over to snap chat and add these people to my friend’s list. So go into the section add friends and add some people and hopefully you will get lucky on your search.PIC3 Like all investigations, this will take the time to see who is just doing online porn and who is meeting with individuals for sex, selling clothing or other items Sometimes they will also smoke weed and use other drugs too. A lot of these women will have premium accounts that will cost $10 to $50. Every since they made snap cash, it’s easier to pay for services.PIC4 Here is what they offer on premium accounts. Some will offer more services than others. They can provide one on one video time, Pictures and videos or even their used lingerie. You pay through snap cash or google wallet, or you can buy them something of their wishlist or off a retail sit.that they will use/wear in a video.PIC5 Here we have a few woman advertising their premium accounts. Some of these girls will have guys at the scene or be in hotel rooms or at houses. Sometimes they may be in the act with others or have some people watching them. These women tend to appear to be underage or are in fact underage. PIC8PIC7PIC6

Unfortunately, if you do find incriminating evidence and have no warrant, there is no way to know who is a user unless they have it connected to the profile they are using. And without a warrant snap chat will only be able to provide services for an emergency.  Here is a link to the law enforcement guide to Snapchat.  Inside this guide will tell you what you need to issue any help from Snapchat. (

So once you get all this, there is very little snap chat services can do if the user you are investigating uses a fake account. A lot of individuals will do this if they are up to illegal activity.

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