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Key Points of Encryption

Encrypting passwords or text is a very complicated and confusing process to understand.  There are many steps and technical terms that it goes through to reach one of the three encryption standards.  Whether it is SHA-1, SHA-256, MD-5; they can all protect the privacy of the text that you are trying to keep from the public view. Encryption depending on the level can be complicated to decrypt and is what makes it such an effective way of keeping passwords secure.

The first thing to understand is using simple passwords do not help a computer keep a password secure.  Meaning using a short, simple password does not create very complex encryption when used with any of the above encryption techniques.  This then makes it easier for a hacker to break into your account using a brute force technique.  Brute force technique is just trying different combinations of characters until one of the password attempts work.

Encrypting data is another way to keep information safe, but this also becomes a target for criminals as the data that is kept secure contains very private information.  For example, when people sign up for an account on a website such as Facebook, there is private information that you must put into the system.  That information is what criminals want to get a hand on as this could provide them with the knowledge to try to steal your identity or potentially worse.

In the world of encryption, there are public and private key encryptions for people to use in the information that they are sending back and forth to colleagues.  The two different keys are used for two different things.  The private key is used for the receiver to decode the encoded message.  While the public key is what is used to encode the message so that the only the receiver of the message can decipher what the intended message is.

If there were not encoded messages, and all the information was in plain text, the world would have problems with data leaks.  The world would have open information, and nothing would be secure, access to everything would be as simple as getting ahold of the file the information is stored on.  Encryption has changed the way that we store data and understanding these three things can help make educated decisions based on what a criminal could want out of a company’s computer system.  If the criminal gets ahold of certain aspects of the machine, they could get away with lots of private information.  Since encryption, we have helped reduce the losses on private information.

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