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From an IT Security Professional to Chief Technology Officer in Under A Year!

From an IT Security Professional to Chief Technology Officer in Under A Year!

Everyday great people pass us on the street without a moments notice. Today, we stop to recognize one of those great people, that you otherwise might have passed on the street and not had the incredible opportunity to meet and pick his brain.

I wanted to take a moment and recognized one of our young leaders making his way quickly through the ranks of the cybersecurity industry his name is Joshua Eudy. Josh came to us thirsty for knowledge, information, and transformation both from a cyber investigation perspective and more importantly a leadership perspective. He wanted to take his career to whole new heights, which we all know can often feel daunting when you don’t know how to proceed.

So Josh set out on an endeavor to discover his inner leadership abilities and how he can better influence key decisions in his organization. Josh was challenged to come out of his comfort zone. He did this by spending more time learning about the people he worked with, what they were passionate about, and what inspired/motivated them. He used this very valuable information to be able to relate to them, show that he cares about them, and to better help them reach the goals they set out to become.

I can remember the day all the small things he was doing day-in and day-out, started to come together. He had said “Josh” my CEO walked into the office and invited me to sit in on an operational meeting and asked for my insights. He thought “Wow” he wants to hear from me? That’s when he knew his influence was growing. People were talking with him more than ever. His influence in the organization was growing leaps and bounds and better yet, he was gaining the recognition long sought after for all the hard work and dedication he gave to the organization.

Six short months after he started on this endeavor Josh achieved everything he wanted. But on that journey, he found more than what he ever would anticipate.

Sure Josh was recognized more; sure Josh got promoted from an IT Security Professional to now that of the Chief Technology Officer. With that promotion came the money, title, and corner office many people set out to achieve, but even more important than all of that, he gained something more valuable. He gained trust, credibility, and influence within the organization. He did this by simply caring about people. He found ways to everyone else achieve what they set out to achieve. And through that he himself experiences success.

Leadership is about helping people first and business second. If we focus on our people, our business will flourish..

Josh is an inspiration to us all, and I am proud to call him a friend, colleague, and inspiration to all of us in the industry. Congrats my friend.

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