Finding drugs on Facebook is easier than buying a cup of coffee

Today I will show you how to investigate drug users on the Facebook Platform. You wouldn’t believe how much of this content is out there on the web. We are going to search marijuana users, but because this will produce many results, we will break it down to a specific strain (Sour diesel). In the Facebook search bar type in sour diesel. Once you hit enter it will populate any search results relative to the key words you are searching for.


Go to the people button and click into that section. Now you can see the people using this strain. We can scan the profiles by scrolling down or you can click into each of them and investigate individual profiles.

Untitled 2

Once you find the profile of an individual that seems to be in the drug “game” or a heavy user, you can click on their profile to investigate further. There are different privacy settings that can be used on Facebook. There are open profiles and restricted profiles. On open profiles you can have access to everything that the Facebook user posts. In a restricted profile, the user can choose settings that will limit what is shared publicly.

Sour Diesel is the profile we will be using today.

Untitled 5

Because Sour Diesel has a public profile (meaning they allow anyone to view their page) we are able to access everything they post. If you click on a photo, you can also see who has liked their photos, who has commented on their photos, and who is in/ tagged in their photos. You now have access to people who are associated with Sour Diesel. If you look at individuals that have commented or been tagged in photos, you might be able to obtain more information than just looking at Sour Diesels page. By investigating friends of Sour Diesel, you can uncover more information than what you would have found by just looking at his page.

Untitled 6

If you scroll down his page, you may see something that looks like the picture below. What you are looking at is an event post. This post gives you a lot of information. You can see location, time, and people that are attending this event. This particular event requires a $25 donation fee.

Untitled 7

Underneath their cover photo there are options listed, that you can explore. When clicking the about button, you can access any personal information that Sour Diesel has shared. The main things that are listed in there are personal details such as where they have lived, where they work, family/relationship, and life events. The next tab is the friends tab. That will show you who Sour Diesel is connected with. The photos tab shows pictures he has posted or was tagged in. The more tab is a more advanced search that categorizes everything that he is interested in.

Untitled 8

You can learn a lot of information searching someone’s Facebook page. People tend to put too much information on social media. Sour Diesel is a perfect example of this. During this search, we were able to find information on his friends, people he was with, what events he attended and some of his interests.

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