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Best (and Worst) Excuses Loss Prevention Managers Hear from Thieves

From time to time we get those people who have failed attempts at stealing merchandise. Those who get caught often have some sort of excuse for their actions. Below are just some of the many excuses Loss Prevention Managers are used to hearing when thieves get caught in the act!

  • It must have fallen in there somehow!
  • **sees clothes hanging out of bag** You don’t have any proof!
  • I am just holding on to this for a friend.
  • How did that get there?
  • No, I didn’t pull the security tag off, this magnetic sensor just magically fell off by itself.
  • I didn’t know it was wrong!
  • I didn’t get a raise so I took it from the register.
  • I did it to get back at the company.
  • I wanted this rescue dog and didn’t have the money right now.
  • The store overcharges so I was just getting some of that back for the people.
  • I just wanted to see if I would get caught. I’ll pay you back with interest. Don’t tell my parents!
  • **sweats uncontrollably** psh, NO! I didn’t take anything!
  • I thought these shoes looked nice on me.
  • I was preparing for a movie role!
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