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A Day At The McAfee Institute

A day at the Institute. The McAfee Institute is all about adding value to your life. We specialize in cyber training, fraud, human trafficking, organized retail crime, forensic, and leadership development for law enforcement, loss prevention, fraud professionals, and private investigators (what we do if you were not familiar with us). At work, we are all busy getting new information. Our employees are always on the Internet or talking with industry experts, to ensure that we are up to date on information and technology.   We try to find information that is valuable to us and our customers, followers, friends, and groups. Our policy is to be interactive with the people we are connected to. We don’t just want the customer/business relationship.

We strive to make sure that we give excellent service and that everyone walks away with more knowledge than what they came to us with! We all try to be very helpful and welcome questions and input!  Social media is a very big part of our company.  We not only use social media to share our content but to interact with the public.

We try to use topics in our groups that not only teach people but also are thought-provoking and initiate interaction.  I handle many of the twitter posts, and try to interact on Facebook, and LinkedIn. (Yes, Nicole McAfee is a real person)  If you are part of one of our groups-feel free to share topics or questions that you might have, we will try to help you in any way we can!

We also have changed our website, and are getting all of our information transferred over, along with all of our classes and students. If you are one of our students or have been with us for a period of time, you will notice that we CONSTANTLY change. Not only does Josh try to bring value to people by providing training to them, but he also practices what he preaches. He is ALWAYS trying to find the best way and to achieve perfection within the company. Some choices are not always the right fit, as I stated before those of you that have been with us know that we have changed things a few times (or a little more)! This is Josh’s constant strive to ensure the best not only for us but what is best for the students. I consider it to be borderline anal-retentive, but that’s just me!   He is always trying to ensure that the look, feel and quality of the company, the website, and the courses are user-friendly and welcoming.

Josh is also always doing continuing education himself. He is working on his doctorate. Not only has he continued in schooling, but he also became a John Maxwell trainer (leadership). If you can’t tell, he is a very busy person. Josh eat, sleeps, and breathes this company. When he is not doing something with our sons, you can find him on his desktop, laptop, or phone thinking of new ideas, or ways to improve his methods. If it is not up to McAfee standards, back to the drawing board you go- (I mean this in the most literal sense, we have a white dry erase board where we brainstorm).

I hope this blog has given you a little insight to what we do here at the office. For more information go to There are many other things that we do, but I can’t give away all of our secrets, or tell you all the sides of Josh (I kind of like my job and keeping my marriage).  To you looking at the picture of our building-yes we’re in here quit looking in our windows!  Have a good day all!

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